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Re: Ocean's Heart
« Reply #105 on: November 23, 2020, 03:10:37 pm »
There are a lot of user comments in that article about how the game looks like a rip-off of oceanhorn. I've never heard of oceanhorn, lol


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Re: Ocean's Heart
« Reply #106 on: November 25, 2020, 03:33:02 pm »
Lol yeah, I saw.

So I looked into it, and the way this happens is when a game is given a rating in some countries, it's a general rating for every platform. But for some reason it gets listed individually for every platform. So OH is rated in Brazil (idk even what the rating is haha), so each platform has that rating listed. If that makes sense?

Anyway yeah, we're going to start talking about a switch port once the game is released on PC.

I'm glad you're getting the exposure anyway. Hopefully it drives sales.

I'm sure a Switch build of the engine is going to take a lot of time and work, but I think it's ultimately true home for any Solarus Engine game. Best of luck with your launch! It's already on my Steam wishlist awaiting the opportunity to pre-order!