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Minish Cap Hero Template Request

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Hello. Bit of a long shot, but does anyone have a template for making Minish Cap style heroes? I've been trying to make one off, but I keep messing up on the back and side sprites, particularly on the head and the skirt of Link's tunic blocking his legs.


Spriters-Resource ( )

You have probably seen the other two sprite sheets on this site, but I give the links anyway.

Zelda Galaxy (

The first three sprite sheets seem to be the same. Same submitter of the least.
Maybe you will be interested in links-4.gif and link-5.gif.

vgmaps (

No sprite, but only maps on this other site very nice.

The Cutting Room Floor
Category:Legend of Zelda series

A lot of unused stuff (sprites, tiles,  music...)

I've found quite a few of those, but they should still be helpful for others.

Old and not finished but here you go. Includes tilesets, sounds & music.

[EDIT] I just noticed this is the capless version. Here's an older version of link with the hat.

Wow, that must have been a ton of work to put together, can't believe I've never seen it before! That's awesome.


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