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Re: Ocean's Heart
« Reply #30 on: March 13, 2018, 12:41:39 am »
Thanks llamazing! I took care of all of the typos and mistakes, so now I'll just have to figure that pause menu thing out.

I did some testing. One- you can force the hero to throw the object if you swing your sword, which fixes the problem too and your action button is re-enabled. Two, I think I've traced the problem to game:set_paused(false)

I think the issue is here because if I take the "continue, save, pause" dialog out of the pause menu so it's just D to pause and D to unpause and it shows the quest log, there's no problems, you can still throw the object. Also, I can force the player into a dialog with choices while carrying an object, and there's no problem, you can throw it afterwards without issue. So if the problem isn't with the dialog box, and the problem isn't with displaying the images on my menu, literally the only other thing my script does is call game:set_paused(false)

Is there any chance that the game:set_paused() method automatically returns the hero to a like "idle" state instead of whatever state they were in when they paused (ie, the "carrying" state)? Has anyone else seen this problem using game:set_paused(false)? This is basically the way Christopho's tutorials explain to make a save option on the pause screen.

Here's my pause menu script:
Code: Lua
  1. function game:on_paused()
  3.   require("scripts/menus/pause_infra")
  4.   pause_infra:update_game(game)
  5., pause_infra)
  7.   --save dialog
  8.   game:start_dialog("_game.pause", function(answer)
  10.     if answer == 1 then
  11.       game:set_paused(false)
  12.     elseif answer == 2 then
  13.       game:save()
  15.       game:set_paused(false)
  16.     elseif answer == 3 then
  17.       sol.main.exit()
  18.     end
  20.   end)
  22. end

Oh, and one last thing! Thanks for playing! Are you having fun with the game?


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Re: Ocean's Heart
« Reply #31 on: March 15, 2018, 01:34:22 pm »
Yes, I have been enjoying it. The graphics are gorgeous, there's a decent balance between dialog and exploration, and there's a certain charm to the overall plot.