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Ok then Ill have to look into that
General discussion / Re: Using a mouse to deturmine were the "hiro" looks
« Last post by Christopho on January 24, 2020, 06:56:36 pm »
Yes this is possible. If I remember correctly, the sample quest does it.
General discussion / Using a mouse to deturmine were the "hiro" looks
« Last post by odddavidster on January 24, 2020, 06:09:10 pm »
I am trying to get into game development and I thought this engine would be a good place to start.

Having said that I want to make a Zelda Seasons/age remake of sorts for PC. This biggest thing I want to add is a mechanic were your character faces the way your mouse is pointing. The idea is that the left mouse click and the right mouse click act as "a" and "b" in game, and when using certain items you can strafe and change direction wile holding left or right click.

What I would like to know from this community is IF this is possible with the right scripts or not.
Development / Re: Strange problem with a "set_enabled()"
« Last post by llamazing on January 17, 2020, 01:21:55 am »
Your problem is line 210 of scripts/fsa_effect.lua

I'm guessing the line is something like:
Code: (lua) [Select]
light_entity:register_event("on_enabled", true)
or perhaps:
Code: (lua) [Select]
light_entity:register_event("on_enabled", light_entity:is_enabled())
where basically what you are passing as the second argument to register_event() is a boolean value, where it should be a function. Like so:
Code: (lua) [Select]
light_entity:register_event("on_enabled", function()
  --do the things that should happen when the light is enabled here

If you still need help then paste the code of your setup_inside_lights() function in your fsa_effect.lua script and indicate which line is line 210.
Development / Re: Strange problem with a "set_enabled()"
« Last post by dpro_games on January 16, 2020, 10:35:58 pm »
I don't know how to link scripts... :/
Development / Re: Strange problem with a "set_enabled()"
« Last post by Max on January 16, 2020, 08:41:59 pm »
Looks like your fsa_effect script or maybe effect_manager are causing the issue. Could you post those, or link them, looks pretty long.
Development / Re: Strange problem with a "set_enabled()"
« Last post by dpro_games on January 16, 2020, 06:36:12 pm »
Thank you for the answer !

Here's the new error message
Code: [Select]
Error: In on_map_changed: scripts/multi_events.lua:39: callback must be a function!
stack traceback:
[C]: at 0x017de150
[C]: in function 'assert'
scripts/multi_events.lua:39: in function 'register_event'
scripts/fsa_effect.lua:210: in function 'setup_inside_lights'
scripts/fsa_effect.lua:225: in function 'on_map_changed'
scripts/effect_manager.lua:7: in function 'apply_effect'
scripts/effect_manager.lua:22: in function 'callback'
scripts/multi_events.lua:42: in function <scripts/multi_events.lua:41>
Development / Re: Strange problem with a "set_enabled()"
« Last post by llamazing on January 16, 2020, 02:06:03 am »
Here's how you can pinpoint the line of code giving you problems:

Edit your multi-events script to add the following line after line 72 (extra lines shown for context)
Code: (lua) [Select]
local function register_event(object, event_name, callback, first) --line 72
  assert(type(callback)=="function", "callback must be a function!") --add this new line
  local events = get_events(object) --line 73
  if (not events[event_name]) and safe_rawget(object,event_name) then --line 74

This will give you an error pointing you to the line with bad syntax for the register_event() function. Then revert the multi-events script back to how it was originally.
Development / Re: Strange problem with a "set_enabled()"
« Last post by dpro_games on January 16, 2020, 12:43:45 am »
This is the code for the light :

Code: [Select]
local light = ...
local game = light:get_game()
local map = light:get_map()
local light_mgr = require('scripts/lights/light_manager')

local radius = tonumber(light:get_property('radius')) or 120
local size = radius*2
local color_str = light:get_property('color') or '255,255,255'
local color = {color_str:match('(%d+),(%d+),(%d+)')}
for i,k in ipairs(color) do
  color[i] = k/256.0

local sqrt2radius = 1.41 * radius


--set light properties
light.radius = radius
light.color = color
light.excluded_occs = {}
light.halo = tonumber(light:get_property('halo'))
local dir_str = light:get_property('direction')
if dir_str then
  light.direction = {dir_str:match('(-?%d+),(-?%d+)')}
  for i,k in ipairs(light.direction) do
    light.direction[i] = k*1
light.cut = tonumber(light:get_property('cut'))
light.aperture = tonumber(light:get_property('aperture'))

local angle = light:get_property('angle')
if angle then
  light.aperture = math.cos((math.pi/180)* tonumber(angle))

local x,y = light:get_position()

local fire_dist = sol.shader.create('fire_dist')
local fire_sprite = light:get_sprite()
if fire_sprite then

-- Event called when the custom light is initialized.
function light:on_created()
  -- Initialize the properties of your custom light here,
  -- like the sprite, the size, and whether it can traverse other
  -- entities and be traversed by them.
  local size8 = math.ceil(size/8)*8

function light:draw_visual(dst,drawable,x,y)
  local cx,cy = map:get_camera():get_position()

function light:get_topleft()
  local lx,ly,ll = self:get_position()
  return lx-radius,ly-radius,ll

function light:draw_light(dst, camera)

  --dont draw light if disabled
  if not self:is_enabled() then

  --dont draw light if outside of the camera
  camera:set_layer(self:get_layer()) --TODO verify if this is not a shitty idea
  if not camera:overlaps(self) then

  -- get the shadow_map for this light
  local shad_map = light_mgr:compute_light_shadow_map(light)

  --draw 1D shadow as additive shadows
  self:draw_visual(dst,shad_map, self:get_topleft())

function light:draw_disturb(dst)

function light:track_entity(ent,dx,dy,dl)
    light:set_position(x+(dx or 0),y+(dy or 0), l+(dl or 0))

This is the one from "Le defi de Zeldo"
Development / Re: Strange problem with a "set_enabled()"
« Last post by Christopho on January 16, 2020, 12:35:58 am »
Can you also show the code of your light_door entity?
Does it register an event on_enabled()? If yes, make sure it is a function.
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