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General discussion / Re: Some Zelda-like games
« Last post by Bagu on Today at 02:30:29 pm »
Everyone's probably already seen this, but Moonlighter comes out next month:

Swords of Ditto just launched on Steam this week:

Faeland was just funded on Kickstarter within a week's time:

I saw it running at Pax but didn't get a chance to play.
Your projects / Re: Ocean's Heart
« Last post by Christopho on Today at 11:24:19 am »
20% only, that's awesome! I can actually do several episodes!

Again I am very impressed by the graphics especially when you say that that are 100% custom. There are as good or better than commercial games. So, right now, only some sound effects are still from Zelda? Great work :)
I love the ambiance of the game, the jokes. And the informal language: even if I don't understand the details, I get the feeling they want to create.

Your work deserves to be known :) As discussed before, we can distribute your assets with a Creative Commons license in the official Solarus Free Resource Pack if you agree (with full credits of course). Also I might do a French translation of the game one day when it is finished!
Your projects / Re: Ocean's Heart
« Last post by Max on Today at 11:01:38 am »
Cool, I'll look forward to that for 1.6!

And thanks for doing a let's play! I randomly saw it as I was watching Mark  Brown's newest YouTube video,which  was a fun surprise. It a lot of fun to watch! I also got like 6 or 7 notes or small mistakes to fix, which is good. And thanks so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it and think so much of the graphics.

A couple questions you brought up on your let's play I can answer:

-There is a world map- press M : )
-The resolution is indeed 320x240
-There are still a mix of Zelda and custom sound effects. It's going to take a while to replace them all.
-100% of the graphics are my own. (The wooden corner pilliars that you mentioned look similar to yours are because we both based them off Minish Cap's corners, and they're both corners of walls 32px tall, so they're bound to look similar.)
-If I were to estimate, you got maybe 20% of the way through what I've completed so far.
-As far as the dialogues, I definitely use a lot of informal and colloquial language, and also a bunch of specific sea creatures and plants in my writing. Since English isn't your first language, you did a great job! I hadn't thought how odd some of my words might seem (for example, an Egret is a type of bird)

One last thing, a clue for the quest about the phantom squid, if you want it. You were veeeery close and just missed something by a couple pixels in that house. I'm going to go in and take out all the books except the bookshelf after seeing you play through it.

Anyway, thanks again for playing! I look forward to seeing you play more if you do. If you have any other questions, let me know.
Your projects / Re: Ocean's Heart
« Last post by Christopho on Today at 10:48:16 am »
Ohhhh did I miss that there was a map? By pressing M?
Your projects / Re: Ocean's Heart
« Last post by Christopho on Today at 09:16:25 am »
Here is episode 1 of my let's play!

The game really has professional quality, which is amazing. I am so proud that Solarus can be used to make such great projects :) Keep up the great work!

About destructibles size and drawing mode, there are like this for historical reasons. For 1.6 I will add set_drawn_in_y_order() to them. Later they will be able to have different sizes than 16x16. It is already possible to simulate larger destructibles using custom entities, we do that in other projects already.
Your projects / Re: Ocean's Heart
« Last post by Max on April 25, 2018, 07:17:00 pm »
And of course, you have the work arounds of placing all plants taller than 16x16 just south of a tree or wall, or avoiding the issue altogether by not creating destructables larger than 16x16, which seems right now like a better solution than all the coding of replacing bushes with custom entities.

Just curious, is there a reason destructables are like this, or did we just not think we might want some larger than 16x16 because Link to the Past only had 16x16, so it just wasn't considered?
Your projects / Re: Ocean's Heart
« Last post by Diarandor on April 25, 2018, 07:08:27 pm »
Ok. The only solution I find is to replace plants with custom entities, or ask Chris to allow drawing destructibles (and other entities) in Y-order.
Development / Re: Setting Up A Basic Equipment Menu?
« Last post by ponderitus on April 25, 2018, 05:43:21 pm »
mad that I mentioned your project and you answered. It was actually your mandrake that made me think of making it. When i walked up to it thinking it was a normal bush then boom, enemy. was great. but then left me looking for a shooting mandrake...
I've been looking through your enemies, I love your Ogre..or the "melee attacker", I wanted to replicate that so it attacks multiple co-ordinates, like the Club Moblins do. I love your game, the art style is amazing, and the dialog box!
I get how i need to go about making the enemy with those functions, I've read a lot of enemies now lol. I just don't really know how to make the functions yet tho, the whole finding where the hero is. this would be my 1st enemy. It's starting to make more sense every time I read them.

But for your inventory try copying over files from other projects that have working menus..but make sure you have all the files they do, check you have all the language strings as well as dialogs to make them work, then...edit them, that's how I got mine working eventually. Or the reverse. get a Master folder and delete everything until you have a blank project with nothing but a blank map and a working menu. then add your files into that project and edit around that...Obviously don't delete the Items in the project until afterwards
Your projects / Re: Ocean's Heart
« Last post by Max on April 25, 2018, 05:01:34 pm »
Thanks Christopho! I've gone ahead and uploaded a slightly newer version to the first post, I fixed just a couple bugs, there's still a few I'm aware of that I haven't had time to fix yet (the yellow plants thing, you can jump through a few of the ships still, etc.). But as far as I'm aware, you can progress through the main story all the way up to the city of Oakhaven (you can get it, but it's unfinished), and any sidequests you can find should all work.

Here's a link to the newer version here also:
Ocean's Heart 0.1.3

Have fun!

Diarandor, regarding the flowers, I attached a screenshot to this post-
the problem is that the plants I'm using have a 16x16 hitbox, but are approximately 16x24 sprites. When this is the case with say, a 16x32 NPC, what happens is the player can walk "in front of" and "behind" them. When you're "in front of" an npc, that is, your Y coordinate is higher, then the player is drawn above the npc. When you're "behind" the npc, or your Y coordinate is lower, the player is drawn behind the NPC.
My problem is that this isn't the case with destructibles, such as a bush. The player is drawn above the bush no matter their Y coordinate, making it impossible to walk "behind" a bush. If you've only got 16x16 destructibles, this is't a problem, but I have a couple that are 16x24, and I was anticipating they've behave like NPC sprites.
Development / Re: Setting Up A Basic Equipment Menu?
« Last post by Max on April 25, 2018, 03:45:02 pm »
Hey Bagu- I agree, item menus are hard! I haven't figured one out yet either, I literally designed my game to only have two items so I wouldn't need to do one, in my opinion menus are definitely the hardest part of designing in Solarus. My best advice is to start learning by making a static menu- one that will come up and display information, but you can't interact with (a quest status screen, for example) before you get into an item menu. And once you start trying to figure that out, be sure to post a topic explaining how you're doing it so I can learn from you! : )

Ponderitus, thanks for the compliments. BTW, if you want that deku enemy, you'll need a function that has a "check hero" thing every 100ms or so and gets the distance to the hero, then if that distance is >100 or whatever, remain asleep, if it's <100 and >32, wake up and shoot, and if it's <32, go back to sleep. If you want more help, post a topic about it and I'm pretty confident I have code that will work.
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