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Development / Convert US colour to PAL
« Last post by dpro_games on Today at 11:45:02 am »
Hello I'm using a Pal version of the big Hyrule tileset availible on the forum, but the entities are still in the US colour, how can I fix that ?

Thank you
Development / Re: get amount
« Last post by jojo_f on February 19, 2018, 10:30:29 am »
With a little more digging I figured it out! Hooray!

Code: Lua
  1.   if  game:get_value("amount_bow")==30
  2.     then game:start_dialog("dont_need")
Development / Re: get amount
« Last post by jojo_f on February 19, 2018, 07:28:57 am »
Yes that works great thanks! Still going through the Lua API for ideas on the arrow code ..
Development / Re: get amount
« Last post by llamazing on February 19, 2018, 06:45:40 am »
Try this
Code: Lua
  1. function shop_heart:on_interaction()
  2.   if game:get_life() == game:get_max_life() then
  3.     game:start_dialog("already_have")
  5.   elseif game:get_money() < 10 then
  6.     game:start_dialog("cant_buy")
  8.   else
  9.     game:start_dialog("empty", function()
  10.       hero:start_treasure("heart", 1)
  11.       game:remove_money(10)
  12.     end)
  13.   end
  14. end
Development / Re: get amount
« Last post by jojo_f on February 19, 2018, 06:11:46 am »
Actually, I am wrong. (Or even more wrong.) With less than full hearts, the heart script still calls for dialog:"already_have" and won't sell a heart. Hmm...
Development / get amount
« Last post by jojo_f on February 19, 2018, 04:16:29 am »
Hi guys! I am making a shop, with NPCs for the items. The map script for the small heart works great for now.

Code: Lua
  1. function shop_heart:on_interaction()
  3.  if        game:get_life(max)
  4.  then   game:start_dialog("already_have")
  5.  "bounce")
  7.  elseif   game:get_money() < 10 then
  8.            game:start_dialog("cant_buy")
  9.  "bounce")
  11.  else     game:start_dialog("empty" , function()
  12.            hero:start_treasure("heart" , 1)
  13.            game:remove_money(10)
  14.       end)
  15. end
  16. end

but I am not sure how to properly use syntax to get the amount of the arrows item (the first "if" line).

Code: Lua
  1. function shop_arrows:on_interaction()
  3.   if  item:get_amount("arrow" , 30)
  4.     then game:start_dialog("already_have")
  6.     elseif game:get_money() < 80 then
  7.       game:start_dialog("cant_buy")
  10.     else  game:start_dialog("empty" , function()
  11.           hero:start_treasure("arrow" , 3)
  12.           game:remove_money(80)
  13.       end)
  14. end
  15. end

Thanks so much.
Your projects / Re: Children of Solarus [official thread]
« Last post by Diarandor on February 19, 2018, 12:18:34 am »
Thanks! And yes, we plan to sell it and very cheap when it is finished: 5€ or so (so we probably won't be able to bath in diamonds, but it's ok if we catch some money someday, lol). This may take between 3-5 years to be finished if all goes well, which is almost the same time I have been working with this engine and learning pixel art.
Remark: Note that the game will be free, so not all people will buy it, but you have the option of testing it before buying it to make sure that you won't regret.
Development / Re: Solarus Engine Roadmap?
« Last post by Christopho on February 19, 2018, 12:07:04 am »
Yes the donation page is terrible. We are currently working on a new version of the whole website, by the way :)
Development / Re: Solarus Engine Roadmap?
« Last post by mbombe on February 18, 2018, 11:10:56 pm »

thanks a lot for taking the time to answer, Diarandor and Christopho!
There's actually a few things here, so let me tackle them one by one:

Would you translate it into German after the English release?
Actually Yes, I would :) I will probably not be able to spend more then 2-3hrs a week, but assuming it is fine if it takes a couple weeks, sure, yes, let me help. I did not yet do any game translation, so you might need to help me a bit at the beginning, but I think I'm up to the task as I'm native in German and my English is well practiced. I'll send you a DM with my e-mail address - contact me once the English translation is done and I'm happy to both test and translate. Should I play MoS XD before that?

People can always help with donations to the team, to support our work (and the websites), and also to motivate us and work slightly harder when we can.
I'm actually glad you bring this up. Yes, Solarus absolutely deserves donations. But with THAT page?
Let me be direct please. At least for me, the donation page is very unattractive and discourages me from donating as it shares next to no information. Suggestion: Make actual costs visible (e.g. what's the hosting cost?), write down a wish list what you would want to do with the money (and list how people can contribute besides sending money, e.g translating, how about free hosting, etc.), maybe let the donor even chose for what to contribute. Show how many you got donated already and how you used that. Can I specifically donate for development of the Engine? What would X€ do if donated for development of game Y? Who actually gets the money and how are you distributing it?
You don't need to go full "kickstarter", but a handful more of sentences and transparency would do wonder, I believe.

I was wondering what the actual vision and roadmap for Solarus is for the mid- to far future?
Thanks Diarandor, you partially answered this by saying 1.6 will include more technical features. But still, what's the vision for the Solarus Engine and Quest Editor? Is it mostly done? Does the team have explicit goals? Is there a "Vision Statement"? Any plans for expanding plattforms or amount of users?

My personal opinion: if you cannot spend 1000+ hours on a project, then you cannot make a good game like MoS DX.
I've expected that retort - and I believe you are right. In the end, great games will always need great dedication. But right now, this is very discouraging to start with. If more can be achieved in less time, this may get more people into creating quests and some of them will maybe stay and invest those many hours for great games. But as the initial start saying "1000+hrs required" is a huge turndown.

On the technical aspect of what I'm suggesting, Christopho got it:
we already had dicsussions about a GUI that would allow people program their events without Lua scripting. It should be possible to do it without losing the power of the Lua scripting, if we simply make it optional.
Yes, of course optional. The power of Solarus needs to stay for where it is needed. The idea where I'm coming from is basically a standardized subset of Solarus (defined Items, enemies, etc) where such GUI-only would quickly get me somewhere. And afterwards creators can still polish and tweak in full detail with Lua.

I'm dreaming of smaller dungeons and quests people can "quickly" create (whatever that means), are hosted here with public rating, with tags like "puzzle focused" or "hard fights". And as the player, I can download the "dungeon of the week" and have 2hrs of fun on the weekend. If they are based on the same standardized subset, maybe it even could be modular part of an overarching story-line where creators contribute optional dungeons and areas.

Don't get me wrong, I don't want to take anything away from Solarus and MoS DX is absolutely amazing. But I feel Solarus could maybe also be an engine not only for 1000+hr games but smaller games (or modular parts of it) and for those, it needs to be less effort. Does this make any sense? Of course, this would be very long down the line. I just wanted to share the thought.

Your projects / Re: AZ2R - Another Zelda 2 Remake
« Last post by Shade Aurion on February 18, 2018, 11:08:43 pm »
I am still working on this. I'll update the rocks for the passage map and such after the next 2 maps are completed Diarandor because you're not wrong.
They do look oddly placed. Surely I can find a better way to hid corners. Anyways, here is progress on Hyrule Castle.

Turns out a castle requires many layers to look okay so this is my progress. I wanna do whirlpool portals if I can in key sports around the world you can unlock after entering them once if I can manage that. Might be a better alternative to ocarina warping. I need to clean up the top bit of the moat also as its too straight. Still a lot of work to go into this map, then Rauru Town and that will be North Western Hyrule completed :) Of course i'll need to set all the transporters and the interior maps but they'll be a snap compared to the world itself. Also I need to learn how to do spriting myself because i'd like to have Minish Cap/Four Swords Adventures style NPCs and enemies just to make things look a little nicer. If I can't figure it out, i'll settle on LTTP lol but i'll stille need to bring the old NES NPCs into that style which shouldn't be too hard. Getting there slowly. I might connect everything up, place all the enemies and NPCs and even though I wasn't gonna make a demo, I might make one for Solarus Staff just for the purposes of critique. I just don't want a public release til the project is done and it'll take me like.. 8 or 9 times as long as this project has been going at least to complete this.
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