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Your projects / Bug reports
« on: July 21, 2019, 03:17:37 pm »
Sorry, I do not speak French! :-( I have played the English version. (I hope there are some translators.)

I want to report some bugs:

MAJOR bugs:

The game is hosted on MediaFire instead of!!! I mean the download link on <>. This is very dangerous, MediaFire has a known history of deleting “inactive” files and it would be awful if this game would be wiped out from history forever. Hosting the game ONLY on MediaFire means the game will be sooner or later be deleted without notice.

PLEASE, can you host it on PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEAAAASSE, talk to the Solarus devs or whoever is responsible for the website if you must. Thanks for your attention.

The link “source code” on <> just leads to the same page.

MINOR bugs:
The background music of Tepaka's Mansion seems to have some clipping issues at the beginning. You can hear a loud crackle at the beginning of the music, which hurts my ears a bit when I have headphones.

If you play in Heroic Mode and enter the boss fight in Memories Tower and defeat the 1st or 2nd boss, Zeldo will say that you can find hearts in the vases. However, this is the Heroic Mode, which means no hearts will drop. So if you break the vases, nothing will drop.

Typos in the English version (and suggested correction):

- adenture → adventure
- traduction → translation
- dangerouser → more dangerous
- hylian → Hylian

If you open the pause menu / inventory, the controls icons (the sword icon and the 2 other items you can use) at the top right screen corner can't be really seen because it's obstructed by the pause screen. This is a bit annoying if you want to switch weapons and can't see the current assignment.

In Memories Tower, in the room with the pipes over the lava (B1), the hero is rendered weirly when you are at one end of a pipe. It looks odd. Difficult to explain, just see for yourselves.

Game version: 1.0
Solarus version: 1.6.0

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