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Development / Re: Outward separator problem with interaction
« on: August 07, 2020, 12:12:28 am »
Seems like you're essentially trying to create an L shaped area then, which you can't do with separators. Imagine you're walking along the north edge of the separator, headed east toward the purple arrow. As soon as you clear the separator, the camera would snap to out the hero in the middle of the screen. Also L shaped aren't supported, I think that's probably one reason why.

You could maybe make some kinda system where you use other entities to control the camera's movement, and have the camera move more slowly, but it sounds pretty tricky.

By the way I like the changes you make to the trees and stuff, looks good : )

It's possible but there isn't any functionality for it in the API, so yeah, you'd have to do most of the online work yourself. Someone is already working on local multiplayer though which is probably a big part of it. Idk when that will be ready tho.

Go with what you like then!
 I tend to draw a bit of a lower angle than Zelda- it seems like those first two trees are based of my art? Which is a tad closer to side view than the conifer, which I think is based on Minish Cap, as is more top view. I'd roughly guess (if 0⁰ is like, super Mario, totally side view), those first trees the camera is like 45⁰ up and the third is like 60⁰ up?

But then there's lots of exceptions. Google "link between worlds perspective" and you can see how they had to make things kinda lean back to make sense. It's kind of a mess and you gotta feel it out. But if you're starting, a good note is that you can see a lot more of the top surface of objects than you'd expect.

It's helpful to think in ratios. For example, if drawing a box. 45⁰ angle, the ratio of how big the top surface is to the side is about 1:1. Normal Zelda stuff, the perspective of stuff is like 2:1 top: side, whereas like old final fantasy games seemed more like 1:2 top:side.

Idk if that makes sense or helps?

Love that movie. One furthest to the right reads most clearly to me but you have two different perspectives for these. 2 and 4 are from a lower camera angle than 1, 3, and 5. So what angle are you other assets drawn from?

Your projects / Re: Ocean's Heart
« on: June 08, 2020, 07:24:52 pm »
Oh yeaaaaaah, I forgot lol
It's a good point. I'll think about adding it, I needed some way to sink extra coral ore after miscalculating how much there was

Your projects / Re: Ocean's Heart
« on: June 03, 2020, 02:59:28 am »
256 x 144 ratio?
Or 384 x 216 (fits 8x8 but not 16x16)
Or 512 x 288

If you maintain a player character of the same size, these game sizes will change how the game feels a lot. More claustrophobic and less room to fight enemies and see them coming, or else zoomed out more so you would need to move faster probably. But I don't think it'd be a craaazy drastic change. You could also, instead of black bars, probably do something where the game is 416x240, but there's a menu in the sol.main context that's outside the game, and takes up that space.

@scruffy, thanks for the feedback! I'll go through it and fix any bugs.

The fact you can use the key on the secret place if you know where it is, is intentional. I thought it'd be fun to put in a massive skip, and designed so the items of the dungeon you skip aren't mandatory. I don't think bomb damage ever changes, so it didn't make sense to list it like a stat. The rest sound like bugs though!

Your projects / Re: Ocean's Heart
« on: May 26, 2020, 02:41:04 pm »
Seems like you're kind of answering your own question as to why I'm not using a 426px size. I rounded down to the closest multiple of 16 for things like that. So I can evenly fit 16x16 tiles into maps

Development / Re: Is it possible to edit explosion damage?
« on: May 17, 2020, 05:53:52 am »
You could adjust how much damage enemies receive from specific sources of damage. With the enemy metatable, enemy:on_hurt gives you access to the attack received. So you can do like, if attack == "explosion" then enemy:remove_life(explosion damage)

Your projects / Re: Ocean's Heart
« on: May 11, 2020, 11:16:37 pm »
Love that show dearly. Wasn't thinking of it when I was designing the coins specifically, I based it on that certain kind of Chinese currency, and also the ATLA team based the Earth Nation on China as well.

Good job with the hue shifting on the coins. Yellow generally shifts toward red rather than green as it gets darker, but yellow is probably the touchiest color to work with.

Your projects / Re: Children of Solarus [official thread]
« on: May 11, 2020, 11:13:56 pm »
Yeah, like the lower one of those. Loosely a kinda curved \ shape

So darker colors in general should be more saturated, besides being cooler. Still lots of exceptions, etc.

Your projects / Re: Children of Solarus [official thread]
« on: May 06, 2020, 08:15:40 pm »
Part of my ability there might be I don't know what a texture palette is, which maybe helps? Lol

For selecting colors I just sweep through the color selector in roughly a kinda y=-2^x shape, with a bit of hue shifting towards cooler or warmer colors for shadows/highlights. And avoiding yellow things, yellow is hard. Whereas blue is pretty forgiving.

Your tree looks really good by the way! Might shift the darkest green a bit more toward blue, and the midtone brown a bit more towards red to illustrate what I do, but there's no right answers.

Instead of "enemy:remove_life()" on the minions, you could do "enemy:remove()", which just takes them off the map, instead of damaging them. If you still want the dying animation you could manually create that.

Development / Re: Sprites not visible when entities created
« on: March 28, 2020, 05:59:33 am »
Hey, I'm not sure how many other people use their phones to look at this site, but I can't open those files. Have you thought about hosting on Gitlab or GitHub, or putting the relevant code in your post in code format?

Anyway, without being able to see the code, are you using `sol.sprite.create()` or are you using `enemy:create_sprite()`? Usually what you want in this circumstance is probably `enemy:create_sprite`

Your projects / Re: Ocean's Heart
« on: March 28, 2020, 05:55:53 am »
Thanks! You're off to a great start. I don't really know that I have my own style, I learned how to do pixel art by making small changes to art from Zelda games. For Ocean's Heart I wanted sort of a mix between Oracle of Seasons and Minish Cap because I think those games have good art that lends itself well to good world design, and just, that's what happened. I wanted to do a bold, cartoony style because I think it's easier to read than how a lot of modern games have outline-less pixel art with more abstract shapes.

So I guess basically, I decided what was most important for the game I'm making, then made art decisions to support that.

One tip for your art here, some of your midtones actually look brighter than the highlights, because they're more saturated. There's a word for this, I can't remember, value? Luminosity? Anyway, the bed for instance, the wrinkles are lighter in value, but less saturated, and it looks a bit odd.

Development / Re: Strange problem with a "set_enabled()"
« on: January 16, 2020, 08:41:59 pm »
Looks like your fsa_effect script or maybe effect_manager are causing the issue. Could you post those, or link them, looks pretty long.

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