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Scribus and Latex dont know about these?? Me i use OpenOffice 4.1 and use some other softwares. I have seen some youtube video tutorials to make some basic book template with OpenOffice. For the *.ai file i suggest the free software it is a software that can do image that can be vectoriel, some say could be similar to Adobe Illustrator. A free software about creating photos or images is: wich some peoples say is like Adobe Photoshop. There is also this free image soft: Well i hope that these links help. I know other free and legal softwares, but not sure giving the links here would be appropriate to the subject here.


Here is some look ive created, it's only have 1 pdf page, and you see in the background Solarus. If you want you can take a look with the folowing link. Its not much, i'm not a pro. It only have one page, but can give the idea of the design i think.


It's just because some peoples have told to my self that i see things and explain things clear. Also i am a beginner with Solarus and would want to know a lot of things about it. I can say that my brain feel like some green size pea beside all the incredible peoples here with there fantastic knowledges loll

I have writen some free pdf guides about a software called Futurepinball. Have made the pdf with the software OpenOffice. Made with the autorizations of the administrators of the website,,, the president Ton Roosendaal from, the president Mete Ciragan from and others. I would have not made some free pdf guides without there writen autorizations. Because i do have respect for authors, do have respect for copyrights, because i dont want any problems; briefly because i want to respect and find it important to do so.

Here is the direct link to one of my free pdf guide about the software Futurepinball:
You can read it online, you can download it if you want, there is no formula to fill for having; and there is no need to click on things or to register to something to have. It's really free!

What i have think is simply put the Solarus Logo in big size in the middle of the page as some background image. Have simply things to click that go on a page as: "How to make an image intro animated after the solarus animeted intro". "How to replace the Solarus Intro". How to import some tileset". "How to import sounds and musics". "How to import some caracters" and more and more and more. For peoples looking my free autorized pdf guide, you can visualise what kind of pdf guide id like to make. But i wont be able without the great brains knowledges around here. You can say some how that i'm lost.

Also i must experiment it also, so i can "as a beginner" put my self into some beginners shoes. Also that a beginner clicking on a simple link going on some page with the explications and thing the beginners can do to understand "exercises". What is also important is that the images put into the pages, must not be copyrighted and respect the authors. I dont think Nintendo would give me a writen autorization to put some "snes zelda link to the past" or other images as tileset, caracters, etc; that i could find with the keyword free on the web. I even have respect for Nintendo and others. I'm not a master to create some pdf books, but i do believe that Solarus have some potential.

The advantage to create some free pdf guide, with step by step images with detail explications. Is that a Solarus user can read the pages offline, it could also help for beginners to do some experiments; even could help to make remember knowledges forgotten. Well i hope that the link of one of my free pdf guides, can help peoples visualise the kind of book id like to create. But as i say it must respect the authors, respect copyrights; to not have any problems of any kind. But again i cant do it without peoples help.


Your projects / Re: My first video
« on: September 07, 2015, 02:23:27 pm »
A suggestion to help yourself film what you do, is that you have simply a video camera that you put fix on a tripod; after you just film your computer screen with it and save it on some memory card. After you simply upload it on youtube or other.

The only thing is that the quality is less better. I have tryed in time some screen video recorder computer software, but because the computer is slow, the recording is like if you would play and pause, then play again and pause again; so it's not fluid the recording on some softwares with an old computer.


Thank's for your acceptance. I cant wait for your other video tutorials. I think it is better more free guides, beside commercial guides; even so thank's. I have to understand version 1.4.4 it's a good thing it work on my old Windows XP there is a lot of peoples that still have windows XP and dont have money to buy newer computer with newer operating system.

If i'm correct there is more then 7 billions peoples on earth, so by these facts there is an incontestable number of peoples around the world that still have as i Windows XP and dont have money for a newer computer; or dont want to move to the next generation for various reasons. Keeping it compatible with Windows XP at minimum, will make reach far more peoples around the world.

Making the software incompatible with Windows XP at minimum, will make millions of peoples that have this operating system around the world; loose total interest in the solarus software. So please keep it at this minimum operating system. Thank's for your time.

Id like to create some book(s) for beginners to help solarus software users. Some kind of step by step pdf guide. I have build in time some pdf guides about a software, so i can say i have some little experience about it. Solarus quest engine even if at it starting stage i think it is some great software. But as a beginner my self i find it hard to understand. I wonder if the creator of this software and maybe others could help me about this personnal project.

Maybe the creator of this software could send me a pm, so i could give him the direct link to one of my free pdf guides. So like that he will have a better view of what kind of guide id like to create. The advantage of some pdf guide with step by step images and text, is that the user dont need to be online to read the pages; and try to understand the software that i believe have good things about it.

Thank's for your time. A+

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