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I have made a little update of the free pdf book: There is much i must learn about Solarus. There is a page that explain how to indicate and program on what place your hero start. There is also a page about the Solarus Quest List Player; that give basic infos about making your logo for your game and icon.

Thank's Zefk for suggesting to me, to do some keyboard/mouse shortcuts. Like when your into Solarus Quest Editor, and you press the keyboard key's ( CTRL + P ), it make apear the "Properties" of your quest. I have not put it for now into the book, but later will be good.


I try to understand the Bridge Method of the previous link, but it dont work or i must do something wrong. I must do some experimenting of the things i see and read here and others to make me more know Solarus to help better in the book.

Here is the map i try to do some stairs that go up and down:, you can see the room. The floor is at level 0, the Destination is at level 0, the tileset is "house", the specific house tileset is (patern id: stairs_inner_up.2) have said also that the ground of it is "ladder" at layer 0. Ive told that (patern id: is also "ladder" at layer 1. The (patern id: stairs_inner_up.2.border.1) is a "wall" at layer 0. Then (patern id: is a "wall" at layer 1.

Next ive put two sensors. The one at the bottom of the stairs is called "Down_layer" and is on layer 1. The other sensor is named "Up_layer" and is on layer 0. The sensors have some distance between them of one step. Also i have created some floor at the end the stairs, that the tile is (patern id: floor.2) and is on layer 1. Link can pass under the (patern id: floor.2), but when he climb the stairs "ladder" he should turn out to be at layer 1 so can walk on (patern id: floor.2) and not be under??

It's strange? Following the ive downloaded the file "quest_manager.lua" put it in the correct directory, knowing it is in the good directory because i can see it in the tree. Ive not modified the "quest_manager.lua" file. Also i have added in the "main.lua" file:  local quest_manager = require("scripts/quest_manager"). As told on the site. When i test it dont work?? Even putting the sensors at different places so that Link can step-onto dont not make him be at layer 0 to layer 1 and vice-versa? Ive simply only said what is the ladder and simply added two sensors on the tile. What i have done wrong?

Because it's a part that i would like to know to teach in the book, to make Link climb some stairs to be on some other floor higher. The next thing id like that the reader can do as an other exercise, is beeing then on the higher floor can simply fall down to the layer below.

What i think to have understand but not sure "i'm a beginner" is that in the "main.lua" file when you write as:  local quest_manager = require("scripts/quest_manager"). It indicate to the file "main.lua" to go see the file named "quest_manager.lua" then after it is writen the patern of where the file is; if i'm correct?


Now i'm reading a bit about "stairs and bridge" that is on the site:
To make readers know how to do some stairs and bridge for there zelda. I will indicate to copy the code of the file "quest_manager.lua" said on the site to donwload and simply put at some directory. This because i dont know if the reader would read the pdf guide and be on the internet. So thinking the reader is not on the web, copying/writing the code in the pages and put it in the file with Notepad++ should help.

Ive got to go prepare things for tomorrow as going to work, gonna continue later the pages about stairs and bridge. Here in the province of Quebec when it is here 20h30pm, in France is 2h30am.

If you Zefk or others know how to do simple things, would be great! Even I as a beginner must learn to do simple things.


Ive added 2 pages into the pages, so some pdf pages are on other page. On page 8 i have told how to do some printscreens with windows. On page 13 ive told how to create some staring position, if some people want to try there player on some map. As you see i try to understand more Solarus it's not easy for me as a beginner.

You say Zefk its great work, but there is much to do. Thank's for the help!


Ive modified the pdf at page 7, modified a bit page 6; and ive added Zefk Basic License Informations. It have now 19 pages.


Ive updated the pdf guide, it has now 11 pages. It have the simple link to the files of Diarandor and Zefk. It say fiew operating system that Solarus can be put on. It give link's to free graphical tool software and free audio tool software. It have fiew other links to some documentations also. Well i'll hope it will help peoples? There is much to do, to be done; as told it's under construction.


I want to add a page about free graphics and audio files that can be used to create free games or commercial games. An example is:, or

Ive done a very tiny change of the pdf file. I know that ive asked yourself if i can put your nick name, and you did not givin me the authorizations. Still ive put your nick name in the page "Terms", just to give you my thank's Zefk. It's maybe not necessary for your self that i do, but for me it is to give my thank's and appreciations. I also appreciate very much Christopho also Diarandor that have posted here on the project.

The administrators of and, knows how much for me it is important to give my thank's and appreciations to peoples. As i find it important to say it to my mother, my father, my brothers, my friends; brief the peoples that surround my self. Even Ton Roosendaal from know my appreciations.

I know it is out of the subject, but peoples that read this at leass please tell to your surrounding; how much you appreciate them, like them and love them. Me i dont know when my mom or dad, friends, etc, will be there no more. So it's important to tell at leass once a while to your surrounding, how much your care, how much you appreciate them.

Once again thank's for all your help.


Ive added 2 pages to the pdf guide. One page that say where to download Solarus Quest Maker, and one page that say where to download the Zelda a Link to the Past Resources Pack.

It's a very nice idea you have Zefk for helping peoples find and download Solarus. I dont read too much the Github issues, but still i read them when i have time; i prefere by the forum here issues.

If some peoples have nice step-by-step "little" ideas that can use the ALTTP Pack, so that i can do and experiment and other peoples can do and experiments; it would be very nice! Things that you already know exactly how to do and program.

Examples: Break some vase that make apear some heart. Pick-up some shield. Create some pause items-menu. Simple things to do in the first pages, later on medium level things to do; later on advanced things to do. The peoples must understand small steps, even i must understand small steps before doing some big steps.

Thank's Christopho for letting me do printscreens to put in the pages. I dont know much about Solarus, but try things with it. Ive always wanted to create my own Super Nes Zelda style free personnal game, with a free software that can do it.

Once again, thank's to all!


I have updated the pdf file that have 7 pages now. If you want you can take a look:

So if i've correctly understand Diarandor? The layers is like some floor levels that you can put some tiles that can be passable and none passable. I wonder when you choose some tile and right click to see some menu as "One layer Up", "One layer Down"? I wonder also the option "Bring to front" and "Bring to back"?

I think i dont understand too much, possibly because i have tryed in the past Rpg Maker 2003 and try to compare it with Solarus to do some good explications. But when i think Solarus is more advanced because each individual tiles can be indicated what is the type and the corresponding with the player. Rpg Maker 2003 if i remember each tiles was on the same level and simply indicate if the player can go over or not. Solarus is more advanced i believe.

I wonder if you would have some experimentations (simple) that i and the reader can do, to more understand the layers; so like that i can think about ways to explain it in simple ways? It's a part that i find important that the reader would need to know, because the quest maker need to understand it also; since the game is based on creating map and understanding layers.

What could i know about the subject?


Thank's Zefk i really do appreciate all your help! I have not done much since of my ways of life, the document on my pc have now 7 pages. Ive explained how to simply create a new map by simply clicking with the mouse on the icon "map" and right click mouse to show menu and choose "new map". I'm gonna explain a bit also the different part when you see the map. Like layer 0 is some level that the player can walk over, layer 1 is tiles that are at the same level of the player, layer 2 is tiles that can be above the player. Size: is the size of the map. Music: is the music that plays when the player is on this map. Well at leass you know where i want to go and in what direction things is going.

I dont know Zefk the option layers that have the possibility to put some "number" (not the icon at top)? Dont know "Set a floor", dont know "Set a world", dont know "Location in its world"?

Also i believe that it can be good that the reader create a simple map and the player put some entities on it like: "Add destination", "Add teletransporter", "Add pickable" etc. etc. Like also create some map with stairs that link "move-turn" going up and down in the same map. Just little exercises to make the reader comfortable. For each little exercises the player could create a new map, doing so the player if he/she forgot about how to do things; can take a look of the things that have been done in the past to remember. Also as a beginners with Solarus it would be things that i would like also to know.


I have added one page to the PDF file, it is just some example that can help peoples identify the tile properties. I think it is a good thing if some user that put the ALTTP asset, know if the tile the user put on the map; what type of ground it is. It's nothing much i'm a beginner also with Solarus and i try to explain things that i try to figure; so that anyones can understand.

It's not an easy task for a beginner with Solarus Quest Editor to understand how solarus work. I try to make it simple for peoples to understand, but as i say without you guys i wont be able to do much.


It's nothing much Zefk. The first part of the book should be about explaining the environment of Solarus. Like the tiles, the layers, the tool icons (jump, go to stairs, go to map, etc.). It's important to explain at first the Solarus Quest Maker environment, doing this will make the readers get more comfortable with using Solarus; this will strength the confidence of it and strategically raise the numbers of peoples to use Solarus.

If you look at many guides most of them indicate how to use the environment of the software "X" at first. You may ask your self why i have not put some link "chapter section" that go to some page? It's because the content of the book must be done before putting the internal links. I have heard "rumors", i dont know if they are true or false; saying that some pdf software reader (the internal link's goes more to a page number). So with this rumor in head if there is some internal text link cliquable that point on some page, by adding more pages even making subjects much wider; then it's possible that the "How to do this/that" internal link goes to the wrong page. You must also know that on the web there is also a vast of file converter as (pdf to word or excel or etc). This bring again the idea to put before all the content in the pages, then after put the internal links that go to the corresponding page.

One thing for sure i know that many free pdf guides have raised the peoples interrest in some software. I have the same feeling that i can do for Solarus Quest Maker. It's truly a good thing that i dont know LUA, but believe that i can learn. Beside ive always wanted to create my own Zelda Super Nes style for fun and none profit. Yup i'm sure that i can help, ive helped peoples know the Software Futurepinball. The administrators of and that are named: "LvR" and "TheNalex" knows who i am and about my free pdf guides. So Christopho can ask them, even you about it. Also if you look at:, there is a section called: "Beginner Tutorial by 20degree", the author that have made this post is "TheNalex" and you will notice that the (color) of it's nick name is in "red". The only peoples that can have there nickname this color is the administrators of there website. So by this they know!

I appreciate very much your help Zefk and Diarandor and others. It's important for me to give my thank's. Many peoples dont appreciate there surrounding and i find it sad they do. Well ive got to go, ive got things to do.


I have not done much, ive made some little 5 pages pdf file that is on Github at: Ive got to go to sleep, when i'll have time i'll put more. Thank's for your help! A+

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