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Development / Re: Solarus Engine Roadmap?
« on: Today at 06:20:05 pm »
@mbombe: I was planning on translating Mercuris Chess XD2 into English and Spanish (because no one so far has offered help on this matter). Would you translate it into German after the English release? You would be one of the first testers of the English version, so you could help a lot pointing out issues with the English translation. Thanks in advance!

Development / Re: Solarus Engine Roadmap?
« on: Today at 05:52:23 pm »

I was wondering what the actual vision and roadmap for Solarus is for the mid- to far future?
I saw the "Situation Review" blog post from mid-2017 [1], but this is more like a snapshot and does not really answer where the engine project is going.

To put my question into perspective, I have a few ideas of my own. Disclaimer: However, please let me start with underlining how amazing Solarus already is and how much joy I had in particular with Mystery of Solarus DX. Further I am fully aware that any of the points below probably mean month or years of work. Therefore please just treat it as general suggestion / idea source.
I would love to see many more games like MoS DX, even would love to create my own zelda-like ARPG, but time-requirement to create such games even with the amazing Quest Editor seems astronomical. I just can't spend 1000h+. And I assume many other can't as well. Therefore I suggest to add an "additional layer" on top of the Solarus Quest Editor to hide away more of the (needed!) complexity underneath to simplify game creation and focus more on story and puzzle creation - at the cost of flexibility.
What I have in mind is a "standardized" Solarus zelda-like game set where for example >20 weapons/items are pre-defined, >50 enemy types are pre-defined, mutiple tile sets with preconfigures tile-functionality and pre-configured entities (e.g. NPC house) etc. Yes, this already there but mixed with all the customization possibilities and level of detail the Quest Editor has. Yes, of course I will eventually need to touch some lua code to create my custom events. Yes, of course I will eventually need to manually change some wall tiles to passable to create a secret entry, etc. But unless I'm at that level of polishing I would love to see that hidden away behind GUI elements and drag&drop to further ease creating games. Somewhat (a very bit) like RPG maker but with the full power of the Solarus Quest Editor underneath if needed.
In short: I would love to have a "Simple Mode" available in the Quest Editor so I can just drag and drop standard enemies and maybe even standard rooms and puzzles together. Of course one size does not fit all, but I imagine it would be a great way to reduce entry level skill needed and maybe get more people into creating games - and who knows, maybe the best puzzle designers and story tellers are not the best coders and therefore hiding the coding more would maybe increase not only quantity but also quality? To run the thought even longer, at some point this website could even host dozens or hundred of Solarus games, maybe community rated and such... (now I get carried away).


My personal opinion: if you cannot spend 1000+ hours on a project, then you cannot make a good game like MoS DX. It does not matter which engine you use, making a good game from scratch takes too much time. Your ideas are welcome, but unfortunately we are busy working on many ideas and projects, and we will be busy with them for a long time. People can always help with donations to the team, to support our work (and the websites), and also to motivate us and work slightly harder when we can.

But be patient, because there will be many new things soon: Solarus v1.6 will be probably released before the end of this year (Christopho has been working a lot on it, with help of some other people who worked on the engine and the quest editor). Some of the new features of v1.6 will be shaders (including the pseudo 3D known as Mode 7), custom properties on the editor, blend modes (already done in the development snapshots), and many many many more things. We will also include updated and clean versions of my recent art in some art pack, as well as in the sample quest and initial quest (but this cleanup is a lot of work too, so it will take a while). You can read the official blog from time to time to see some news. I only work on free art and some scripts (enemies, custom weapons like the custom shield, weather scripts, etc), but I am sure that this free art will attract more people who will start using the engine. Chris and many others are working on several projects: Oni Link Begins SE, Mercuris Chest, A Link to the Dream, and Children of Solarus (the latter one will have 100% of free art, and will be not just a replacement of graphics of MoS DX because some weapons will be improved for a better gameplay, which includes a custom jump, custom shield, and many other surprises in the plot and combats).

Your suggestions of simplifying the editor don't have a place here because Solarus was born to allow doing things that RPGmaker didn't allow to do with its limitations, and the only way to do that is through code (and more buttons/properties in the editor). Hiding features in the quest editor would not help developers, but the opposite. The new (and not so new) features and tools are there to help devs, so if you don't need them, then just ignore them and let others do marvelous things with them. If you want something simpler, use RPGmaker, and have in mind that a simpler engine will only allow to do simple things. I would say that Solarus is well balanced in features, flexibility, complexity and difficulty, something in between RPGmaker and Unity, and that is something intended by the devs.

EDIT: it would be nice if someone can help translating into English our last fan-project: Mercuris Chess XD2 (not Chest), which might be the coolest project of the team so far. It only has 2 dungeons and it's shorter than MoS DX, but it's quality is awesome.

EDIT2: it would also be great if someone with much free time could create new video tutorials adapted to the last versions of the engine. That would allow Chris to work faster in the projects. Otherwise, be patient.

Your projects / Re: Children of Solarus [official thread]
« on: February 17, 2018, 07:32:09 pm »
New fortnightly screenshot (you can find the previous ones in the blog!).

General discussion / Re: Design of graphs of dungeons
« on: February 14, 2018, 07:55:41 pm »
This new video of Mark Brown is really interesting:
It points out subtle things of interactions between entities in games, which IMO is very important to create new mechanics and puzzles.

General discussion / Some Zelda-like games
« on: February 14, 2018, 07:45:21 pm »
I found some interesting projects of other devs working on Zelda-like games. Some info here:

-The waking cloack (this looks a lot like Link's Awakening in style, very charming):

-This man (, a.k.a. baranot3nshi, seems to be working on a Zelda-like game too, and the art is really awesome:
but his project seems not to have a name yet.

Let's hope these Zelda-like games, and many others, get finished someday and they become as good as they seem.

Game art & music / Re: Original art
« on: February 10, 2018, 07:04:56 pm »
Ahoy! This is a screenshot of a test map, made with the new house tileset that I've made (still under development).

EDIT: and a video of the same thing:
EDIT2: and a blog post of the same thing, again:

Your projects / Re: AZ2R - Another Zelda 2 Remake
« on: February 10, 2018, 06:27:38 pm »
This looks great. The only advice I can give you is not to put those rocks in such a homogeneous way (a more irregular distribution would be more natural).
If you understand French, you should read this great mapping tutorial (mainly, the section "Mapping de la nature", where it explains a bit how to avoid the problem that I mentioned above):

Game art & music / Re: Original art
« on: February 09, 2018, 08:18:40 pm »
This is a relatively old file that I used to create the wizard Kaleido (which I post here before its deletion from my computer XD). You can see several stages of the art and how it evolved while I struggled to improve it:

Game art & music / Re: Original art
« on: February 09, 2018, 05:47:14 pm »
Apart from Meows, we now have Worfs too!!! ;D

Zelda Mystery of Solarus XD / Re: Is this supposed to happen?
« on: February 07, 2018, 02:21:21 pm »
I think so. This is the XD game (not DX), and all are jokes. Link has fallen out of his bed. ;D

Game art & music / Re: Original art
« on: February 06, 2018, 08:43:29 pm »
You have improved a lot since this little pixel art. I have already seen worse on a famous open game art site.  ;D
Thanks a lot!!! :)

And a new video of a new kitten sprite I have made, which will be used in the project Children of Solarus:
I hope you like it! :D
There are still some animations missing, like "jumping", "hurt", "carried", etc.
Yeah, Eldran will be able to carry cats someday, and throw them into water if he wants! ;D

Development / Re: Epée avec 60 pv de dégats
« on: February 06, 2018, 01:20:01 pm »

Your projects / Re: AZ2R - Another Zelda 2 Remake
« on: February 06, 2018, 10:48:24 am »
Wow! This looks amazing. I thought you were coding it as a platformer, like the original game. But this remake seems completely different and awesome!

Game art & music / Re: Original art
« on: February 06, 2018, 06:46:58 am »
Ahoy! Today, for random and nonsensical reasons, I'm releasing one of my first attempts of hero sprites that I made: a sheriff hero sprite.

It is so awful that makes me retch... [cough,cough] [vomit, vomit]. So yeah, you can do what you want with it and use it with any license, no credit wanted (it would ruin my reputation :'(). This was done around september 2013, just a few months after the Solarus engine was born, and with the aim of being used with Solarus; fortunately it was never used, and in this way, the lifes of millions of kittens were saved!!! ;D ;D ;D. By then I realized how hard pixel art was for a non-artist like me.

I hope this gives hope to others to begin the way of the pixel-artist: a way full of rocks, thistles and thorns. But in the end, all effort is worth it and your kittens will appreciate it. ;D

Game art & music / Re: Original art
« on: February 04, 2018, 12:26:57 pm »
Ahoy mateys! Don't forget to check the official blog from time to time:
New screenshot of CoS each 2 weeks!

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