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General discussion / Re: Estpolis sprites
« on: August 29, 2018, 08:21:25 pm »
Thank you so much!!!  ;D ;D ;D

General discussion / Estpolis sprites
« on: August 28, 2018, 07:36:41 pm »
So. It's been a while for me.. life happened and stuff.

But I have a question in an overwhelming Zelda oriented site and program.

Does anyone know how I can extract sprites from the SNES gamerom to use in Solaris?

I've been playing Lufia 2 as of late again and it gave me the idea to work on such a game.

Bugs & Feature requests / Re: ZSDX hud needed
« on: October 31, 2016, 08:31:39 pm »
Or better yet. If anyone can help me get the game_manager.lua sorted out. No matter what I do I get errors in either main.lua or no error but also no game. I am quite unsure on what to do here.

Since I am rather blind to many words (not literally) I can't see it anymore after a few minutes.

I did copy the files as described above, I did get my starting location right (it works when not working with this code) and I'm just unsure right now.

Code: [Select]
-- Script that creates a game ready to be played.

-- Usage:
-- local game_manager = require("scripts/game_manager")
-- local game = game_manager:create("savegame_file_name")
-- game:start()

local dialog_box_manager = require("scripts/menus/alttp_dialog_box")
local hud_manager = require("scripts/hud/hud")

local game_manager = {}

-- Sets initial values for a new savegame of this quest.
local function initialize_new_savegame(game)

  -- TODO
   game:set_starting_location("maps/Houses/link", "start")

  -- Initially give 3 hearts

-- Creates a game ready to be played.
function game_manager:create(file)

  -- Create the game (but do not start it).
  local exists =
  local game =
  if not exists then
    -- This is a new savegame file.

  local hud

  -- Function called when the player runs this game.
 function game:on_started()
    hud = hud_manager:create(game)

  -- Returns whether the HUD is currently shown.
  function game:is_hud_enabled()
    return hud:is_enabled()

  -- Enables or disables the HUD.
  function game:set_hud_enabled(enable)
    return hud:set_enabled(enable)

  -- Return the HUD.
  function game:get_hud()
    return hud

  -- Returns whether the current map is in the inside world.
  function game:is_in_inside_world()
    return self:get_map():get_world() == "inside_world"

  -- Returns whether the current map is in the outside world.
  function game:is_in_outside_world()
    return self:get_map():get_world() == "outside_world"
return game
return game_manager

Bugs & Feature requests / Re: ZSDX hud needed
« on: October 22, 2016, 02:09:47 am »
I'll have this HUD up and running soon.   :)
Where should I post this if anyone else wants the zsdx HUD?
I will be using the Mercurious chest code clean-up update.
Just the HUD code not anything else.
There are quite a few pipes* to hookup before it will be serviceable. :o

*Pipes: (What I like to call the calls and functions and required elements.)

If your offer is still valid, perhaps an updated version, I'd be very interested.
I am not much of a coder myself so it's very hard to even extract the codes when they're right in front of me. On the other hand, I am a visual kind of person so the game I am working on already looks quite nice but just misses the hud (hearts, magic meter, rupees, items).

Thanks. :)

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