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Bugs & Feature requests / Methods from OLB resources not working?
« on: February 11, 2019, 05:37:49 am »
Hey again,

    Firstly I'd like to thank everyone on the server for being so helpful whenever I come with an amateurish problem I don't know how to solve. Really lively community around here and I genuinely appreciate the help. Anyways, moving on.
I've recently been studying up via the Tutorials, and I started using some of the resources provided there, in one instance in particular: In the episode covering the hud, in the description lies a link to some scripts used in Oni-Link Begins, which I promptly downloaded and installed, as an easy solution to a problem that I've spent more than two days on. However, when I ran it, I got one exception from each the key item script, and the key hud script, respectively. From what the error entailed, it looks like the engine doesn't seem to be recognizing any method that includes keys as a non-nil value. I checked the documentation, and I couldn't find any of those methods myself either, which indicates to me that there must be another script which defines those methods. I proceeded to sift through the directory where I got those scripts, looking for any code that mentions "keys", other than the ones I found and installed already.

Here's the exceptions:

Code: [Select]
Error: In on_started: scripts/hud/small_key.lua:19: attempt to call method 'are_small_keys_enabled' (a nil value)2)
Code: [Select]
Error: In on_obtaining: items/consumables/small_key.lua:12: attempt to call method 'add_small_key' (a nil value)
If anyone could help me sort out defining those methods, I'd be much obliged. Thanks much for your time.

Hey everyone, back after tiling a good portion of an overworld, and the entirety of my first dungeon, when I ran into a problem while I was making my project. I was attempting to create a simple script which enabled a chest to appear when all of the Ropes in the room were killed, until I got to the point through trial and error where I'd created a script I couldn't possibly refine anymore, but nonetheless failed to generate the desired result. Instead, it played the sound which indicates the appearance of a chest once the room was loaded. Consider the attached script. What do you think went wrong? Did I refer to the wrong prefix in the has_entities command? I'm not sure. Any help would be appreciated

Post-Script: Hey, I'm not sure where I'd put this, I didn't see a sub-forum that was marked "Help", although I'm notorious for overlooking obvious things. If the mods would move this post to that potentially extant topic-section, I wouldn't be mad.

I'm in the process of building my first dungeon, but in one room I presumed the player would be able to throw a pot across a gap to a switch. However, when I tested, I couldn't help but notice that the pot broke as soon as I threw it, as if the wall which represented the ledge was a wall in front of the hero's face. I tried a few things, but I couldn't figure out a way to get the pot over the ledge. Do y'all have any ideas?

Bugs & Feature requests / Having Trouble with Quest simulation
« on: January 06, 2019, 08:42:35 pm »
I've been back on Solarus ever since I saw it got updated again, but unfortunately I've not been able to get the "Run quest" function of the quest editor to run. Whenever I click "run quest", the screen merely remains blank (without presenting the solarus logo) and eventually I get the following error:

>Error: In main: scripts/game_manager.lua:103: attempt to call method 'register_event' (a nil value)

Here's the problem line:

>game_meta:register_event("on_map_changed", function(game)

However, when I go and check that particular line and cross-reference it with another line (located above line 103) that contains the method "register_event", it seems to be working just fine. Doesn't that mean that register_event has a non-nil value? For example, here's a line that makes use of register_event that does not incur an error, located above the problem line

>game:register_event("on_joypad_button_pressed", function(game, button)

Now, I know that this has "game:" instead of "game_meta:" but I changed it to "game:" and it gave me an error at that line. I'm not sure that'd make a difference either. Anyways, I probably need someone technically competent to aid me here, go ahead and comment if you need more info.

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