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Bugs & Feature requests / Pixel ratio Limitations?
« on: July 06, 2018, 06:38:20 pm »
So a bit of background first, Im attempting to port some of my assets that i had designed for another engine to this one. the previous engine was RPG Maker MV which supports tilesets of almost any pixel ratio, the default being 48x48 pixels.

    actual size:

as you can see the asset i want to use on the left is twice as tall as links sprite! dropping it into the game as it is now would make the hero look giant compared to the rest of the ALTTP sprites and tiles!

the one on the far right is my attempt to create an ALTTP style asset but im not quite as happy with the result. id like to scale the rest of the ALTTP style assets to fit my art while still keeping all the proportions correct but ive run into a snag. the first thing ive tried is to just double the size of every sprite and tile in the game.

however whenever i try to rebuild the animated tiles i get this error prompt.

im not sure what im doing wrong here. do animated tiles have to be a specific pixel ratio? it says it needs to be a multiple of 8 pixels but multiplying everything by 2 should mean that its still a multiple of 8 so im a little lost..

Hi there, im relatively new to solarus and have started by grabbing some of the available resource packs on github. However im having an issue with most if not all of the packs.

im currently using whats available on the download page of the website (Solarus Quest Editor v1.5.3 Windows 10) and every time i try to launch one of these packs, i get an error prompt telling me i need version 1.6 to open the quest files. I'm led to assume that 1.6 is coming real soon then?

for now ive downloaded a previous version of the pack (which thankfully exists in the branches section) but i thought i would let you guys know.

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