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Development / Keyboard Shortcut List
« on: January 05, 2018, 11:07:58 am »
Okay, watching a few tutorials and i'm wondering how to do some of the things seen in the tutorials in mapping.
For instance, pressing the R key to resize. I've also noticed a quick way to replace something and i'd love to know how.
A list of the shortcuts would be ideal or a link or directions on where I can find out for myself :)

Your projects / Project Z2R
« on: December 25, 2017, 08:54:27 am »
Hi guys, so i'm trying to keep this project on the down low a little but its a Remake of Zelda 2. I was going to Rom hack LTTP and got a ways in before I was pointed towards Solarus and working with RPG Maker for years and years, i'm used to editors like this for creating projects and hell, its nice not being bound to LTTP assets only. Aaaaany ways, rather then creating question after question thread I thought I would combine a vague update thread (for the sake of avoiding C&D) with a question thread on Solarus for those that can help me out. I'm not in this for personal glory either. I just want this project done so I can play it myself lol but if anyone wants to collaborate with me and get involved, shoot me a PM. I would like to release in 2019 if not late 2018 which considering the length of Zelda 2, I feel this is a realistic time frame. My personal project i'm working on is vastly bigger and 40% done and i've finished Zelda 2 a load of times, but i'd like to add some additional content yet try and keep it as accurate as possible. The challenge will be in translating a side scrolling game into a top down action adventure but I know what I want this to look like so that shouldn't be a problem. Anyways, suggestions and what not are much appreciated.

So, questions. Does anyone know roughly the overworld map size of LTTP if it were in Solarus? I just need a gauge for comparison. I'll be dividing Project Z2R into 4 Maps, 3 Continents and a Mountain Range. Western Hyrule, Death Mountain, Eastern Hyrule and Maze Island.

So basically if I wanted to make this map (Below) in LTTP or even 4 Swords graphics and elaborate on it, maybe add an extra 25% to the size of the map in border, just in case, What map size would I be looking at? Once I do this map i'm sure I can estimate the others fairly well. I just don't want to invest a bunch of time only to have to edit work possibly erasing some work i've done.

I'm watching all the tutorials but i'll still have a few questions here and there. Mapping I generally excel in and enjoy the most but there is no denying i'm new to Solarus.

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