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Game art & music / Re: Lake Tileset with Animations
« on: July 12, 2018, 10:57:01 am »
Thanks Zefk,

I personally also want to use only free or selfmade stuff. But its good to knoe thw boundaries.
In this case the license will be like CC-BY-SA 4.0.

General discussion / Re: What are we allowed to use freely??
« on: July 12, 2018, 10:48:51 am »
Thanks Max, for your time, explaining it that detailed ^^

I knew, that its not that easy - just taking things ;) The license thing is interesting, I will consider it.
Of course stealing is a no-go. I already do it exactly how you said - making my own art by learning from existing. (But it takes very long...)

I know, but to be honest, like you said they are only okay - if at all :P
I saw your game and "Oceans Heart" looks amazing - thats the goal ^^

But that helped a lot, thanks again - I'm of setting some pixels ;)

Oh, and sorry, "matter" and "better" don't rhyme in English XD
Let me know if anything I said wasn't clear.

Damn it XD

General discussion / What are we allowed to use freely??
« on: July 11, 2018, 11:03:30 am »
Hi there ;)
This topic came up the last days, so I want to discuss it and get to understand the matter better (that rhymes ^^ [or bad english ;P])

When working with tilesets and game art its often hard to know, if you are allowed to use a certain pic or complete tileset or animation, in my opinion.
I mean, are we not allowed to use everything that is findable on the internet (f.e. google pictures)? Especially when there is no sign of a limitation or copyright.

And what is with modifying existing art or tiles or complete sets? Are we also not allowed to use them, because the thing we work from in this case, is from another person?
In the end we just want to make games ^^

Hope you can follow and may have some tips, opinions or even experience. Thanks in advance ;)

Game art & music / Re: Lake Tileset with Animations
« on: July 11, 2018, 10:45:23 am »
Cool, I also use them as bridges ;)

To tell the truth, I don't know that much about this whole license thing... can you explane it a little bit??
I know there is much going on with data privacy and copyright. But are you really not allowed to use anything, you find on the internet or in forums like this??

I looking forward to your answer ;)

Nice, that's helpful - thanks very much ;)

Game art & music / Lake Tileset with Animations
« on: July 10, 2018, 03:59:20 pm »
Hi everyone,
I made a little tileset for a lake environment and I want to give it to this amazing community ;)
Its not a big one, but nearly everything is automated (waves).
Sadly I can only post the PNG, but everthing is numbered (blue = number of tile; white = number of animation-frame). You should be able to implement it fast into Solarus.
The tiles are mostly 8x8 or 8x16 px. Also the tiles are directly in the right position to capture it in the editor. But of course you can also implement it in your own tilesets ^^

Its free to use (CC-BY-SA 4.0) - hope you have fun creating :)

Thanks for the reply Max ;)

I found out, the function I looked for is map:get_entities([prefix]), with
"for entity in map:get_entities("your_prefix") do
-- some code related to the entity
In my case the switches themself are custom entities, because they behave different from normal switches. And wenn I have several of them in the same room, I also pass down the same function to all of them ^^

But your point is good and brings me to another question :P
If I have such a collision_test and want to test 2 custom entities, is that still possible? Because like you wrote in target:get_type() == switch, you test if it is an entity of type switch. But when I do target:get_type() == custom_entity, how does it know, that it is the one custom_entity I want and not every custom_entity on the map??
(In my case it would be a collision_test between the custom switch [custom_entity] and a custom_entity created by an item [custom_entity])

Thanks :)

Hi there ;)

I saw this several times in other projects and don't know if its relatively simple to explain...
Lets say, I have 3 custom switches in the same room. And they are named "switch-1, -2, -3". I have a special ability which can activate those switches, but I dont want to tell script: When switch 1 is hit then activate and when switch 2 is hit - then activate... and so on.
How does it work in a script to tell him: When a switch, with name "switch-"+specific number (f.e. "2") is hit, then activate (only) "switch-"+specific number (f.e. "2")??
Or is that different evertime  ???

Development / Re: Freezing/locking keyboard during specific event?
« on: June 26, 2018, 09:13:05 am »
Alright, sry for the missing code in the last post.
For better understanding, the Item uses up "MP" everytime it is used.
You see the keyboard_binding unchanged, so you see how I indended to do it.
The collision_test is new. I want to try to make a clone on a walkable switch to activate it (the switch deactivates when you step off of it), so the hero can pass f.e. a bridge while the clone is active. When the clone vanishes the switch should deactivate and the bridge should disappear. But maybe thats another topic ^^

Code: Lua
  1. --Script of the Item "Clone"--
  3. local item = ...
  4. local game = item:get_game()
  6. --Item "Clone"--
  7. function item:on_created()
  8.          item:set_savegame_variable("possession_clone")
  9.          item:set_assignable(true)
  10. end
  12. --function item:on_obtained(variant, savegame_variable)
  13. --end
  15. function item:on_using()
  17.          local map = item:get_map()
  18.          local player = map:get_hero()
  19.          local x, y, layer = player:get_position()
  20.          local direction = player:get_direction()
  21.          local mp_needed = 5
  23. --Control back to Player--
  24.          function done()
  25.                   game:remove_life(mp_needed)
  26.          end
  28. --Create Dublicate Entity--
  29.          clone = map:create_custom_entity({
  30.                                             direction = direction,
  31.                                             layer = layer,
  32.                                             x = x,
  33.                                             y = y,
  34.                                             width = 24,
  35.                                             height = 24,
  36.                                             })
  38. --Clone Sprites & Animationen--
  39.          function clone_animation()
  40.                   player:unfreeze()
  41.                   player:set_animation("clone_active")
  42.                   clone_create = clone:create_sprite("entities/clone")
  43.                   clone_create:set_direction(direction)
  44.                   clone_create:set_animation("duplicate")
  45.                   sol.timer.start(clone, 5000, function()
  46.                                                          clone:remove_sprite()
  47.                                                          game:set_command_keyboard_binding("item_1", "x")
  48.                                                          done()
  49.                                                 end)
  50.          end
  52. --Collisions Switch-- --Not finished!!--
  53.          clone:add_collision_test("overlapping", function(clone, entity)
  54.                                                            map:get_entity("switch_bridge"):set_activated()
  55.                                                   end)
  57. --Start "Clone", when enough MP--
  58.          if game:get_life() > mp_needed and
  59.          item:has_variant(1) then
  60.             player:freeze()
  61.             player:set_animation("clone", function()
  62.                                                     clone_animation()
  63.                                                     game:set_command_keyboard_binding("item_1", nil)
  64.                                            end)
  65.          end
  67. --End Item "Clone"--
  68.          item:set_finished()
  69. end

And this is, what I added in the game_manager:

Code: Lua
  1. function game:on_map_changed(map)
  2.                   game:set_command_keyboard_binding("item_1", "x")
  3.          end

As always, thanks in advance ;)

Development / Re: Freezing/locking keyboard during specific event?
« on: June 25, 2018, 03:35:25 pm »
So, may I get your opinion on this one:

I tried it with map:has_entity("clone"), but it didn't work. He didn't start a second animation, thats true, but he still thinks there is a second usage of the item and he can't "remove" the sprite at the end.
I now added "game:on_map_changed(map)" with "game:set_command_keyboard_binding("item_1", "x")" in game_manager, so everytime I move to another map, the binding is set new. Seem to work, no errors   8)

Development / Re: Freezing/locking keyboard during specific event?
« on: June 25, 2018, 02:23:41 pm »
Good points there guys ;)

Don't worry, I didnt end up setting the state false in on_item_finished() ^^

Yes Max, you're right - The duplicate is a custom entity created by the coresponding item and it disappears when I move to another map...
For now I tried things just on one map, so I didn't realise that :P

So thanks for the mention I will have to consider that in the future.

Development / Re: Freezing/locking keyboard during specific event?
« on: June 20, 2018, 11:15:41 am »
Solved it on my own ^^

The Problem with this is, that the hero gets out of the item state and is able to use another "instance" of the same item, I feel.
So whatever you do with variables, its working but the engine says there is no first entity sprite to remove at the end, if you have created two of them.

For others with similar tasks:
So what I did now, is to set the keyboard binding of the item slot nil, when the animation of the item starts...
game:set_command_keyboard_binding("item_1", nil)
... and give it back to the key (x) after the sprite of the entity is removed
game:set_command_keyboard_binding("item_1", "x")

For me that works perfectly fine for now, because I dont intend to use another item, while the duplicate is activ (and its way simpler) :)

Development / Re: Freezing/locking keyboard during specific event?
« on: June 20, 2018, 09:42:25 am »
So, back in the topic.
The tips above work perfectly for "normal" items:
local variable ("using_item") -> set false -> in on_using() set true -> and tackle on_using() with: if using_item ~= true then -> and on_item_finished set false again.

But... I made an item, that creates a duplicate (entity having the same sprite) of the hero - like in Minish Cap :)
This duplicate cannot do anything, it is just standing where it is created and vanishes after a timer.
While the duplicate is on screen, I wanted the hero to be able to walk around normaly. Therefore I unfreeze him in the middle of the item (crazy me!  :P) when the duplicate is created. Works, but then I can use the item again because the hero is back in his normal state and there comes the problem of the item beeing able to activate again, especially in the same spot, where it causes an error, because at the end of the item it removes the entity sprite. And when there are two sprites it cannot remove the first one created.

Hope you have an idea or something, this item seems to be a special candidate ^^
Thanks in advance again ;)

Development / Re: Freezing/locking keyboard during specific event?
« on: June 14, 2018, 05:09:12 pm »
Yes, makes sense. Didn't think of that ^^
I'll have to try, to see how it fits best.

Thanks for the fast reply  ;)

Development / Freezing/locking keyboard during specific event?
« on: June 14, 2018, 04:26:57 pm »
Hi there again  ;)

Today I have a quick question. Hope I can describe it the right way:
I made a custom item with animations and all of that, the hero can use with the "item_1" command key (x). Works - so far so good ^^
But when I press the key, while the animation of the item used is running - the animation stops and starts new. In further consequence errors occur obviously...

Is it possible to lock the keyboard input, til item:on_using is finished, or you may have another idea?
Thanks for your advises in advance  :)

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