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Your projects / Re: Zelda: Book of Mudora
« on: December 08, 2016, 02:21:37 pm »

Hey Metalloman - thanks for playing and thanks for the reports!

For the blocking bug, there should have been an error.txt file generated in the game directory - could you please email that to me at

Mail sent! :D

As for the other issues, I'll take a look at them when I get some free time. It probably won't be for a week or two due to some work stuff.

No problem I'll wait! :)

Your projects / Re: Zelda: Book of Mudora
« on: December 07, 2016, 01:49:39 pm »
I just got a blocking bug: in the Ruin/Sewer Dungeon, after opening the big chest nothing came out and link was stuck in front of it, unable to move nor attack.
I was still able to navigate the menu.

I completed the Goron Mausoleum and I drained the lake, but still haven't entered the underwater temple. (telling this because I don't know if there are some event triggers to activate in a certain order)

Any help? :)

Your projects / Re: Zelda: Book of Mudora
« on: December 06, 2016, 04:01:17 pm »
Hi @wrightmat and congrats on releasing Book of Mudora: I'm playing it and I'm enjoying it a lot, you've done a good job! :D

I also want to report some issues/bugs I have encountered so far:

  • at the very beginning, one of the kids gives to you 10 rupees after listening to him: if you keep talking to him you get 10 rupees everytime;
  • I noticed some issues in spacing between the "highlighted" coloured words and the rest of the text, sometimes normal text is overlapping the coloured text; (I forgot to take screenshots of this issue, sorry)
  • if you change between map screens while walking, when there is a music change, and then you come back to the previous zone, the music doesn't change back until you don't walk into another zone;
  • the woman in the Ordon village who asks you to search for her daughter never thanks you for saving her, neither does the girl. Not really important but feels a bit weird;
  • when you enter the Sacred Grove (don't know if it happens to other dungeons too) and then exit to the overworld, if you open the menu and watch the map, you still see the dungeon map;
  • on the plateau west of the desert I found a tent in which there is a Gerudo woman thanking me for having helped her pirate clan in repairing their ship, but I haven't completed that mission yet (I still have to reach the pyramid);
  • each time I press space to "check" something (for example a torch stand or the scarecrow) my stamina decreases. Not sure if intended or not;
  • when you give the 10 deku sticks to the potion girl in Ordon village and then you come back to have the reward, she says that she gives you a green potion free but you don't obtain it.

This is what I've noticed so far. If you appreciate it I'll post here any other bug I'll find. :)

Anyway, thanks a lot for this game and keep up the good work! :D

Damn, I feel stupid! I had the solution under my eyes! (really, I have written it)
Now I feel ashamed to have asked for help! :-[

Anyway: Nice game, my compliments Metallizer and Cristopho for these damn dungeons! :D

And yes, you're sadistic! ;D ;)

Thanks for these games!

Ahahah, thanks Cristopho!
That was just a rushed sketch, I like drawing maps!  ;D

Anyway, this is the time I foretold: I'm stuck in the final dungeon and, after hours without coming to a solution, I would be glad if someone here could help me.

A PM would be appreciated, as I don't want to come to details here to avoid spoilers.

Many thanks in advance!

Your projects / Re: The Legend of Zelda
« on: February 26, 2016, 01:05:31 pm »
Great! Can't wait for your game! :D

Your projects / Re: The Legend of Zelda
« on: February 26, 2016, 09:23:29 am »
Hi MetalZelda!

Just read this thread and I'm amazed of your work, I'm really looking forward for the final product!  ;D

A little question though: will your game be released in English too? Unfortunately I'm not so good with French...

Also if it will be released in English I would be glad to translate it in Italian for you, I've been part of a translation team for other RPGs in the past, so I'll assure you that it will be a quality translation.  ;)

Hi guys!

I recently discovered this site and your beautiful fan games of Legend of Zelda.
I've really enjoyed LoZ: Mystery of Solarus DX, it took me back in time and it has a real A Link to the Past feeling whick I loved.

However, I'm now digging LoZ:MoS XD and I have to say that you really have done well: It took me hours to complete that damn Lost & Found Office dungeon, and I had mixed emotions of fun (laughing at your parody of a statal office) and frustration (which it was of course intended by you), wandering in confusion until I re-read the first signpost and said: "F*** this, let's do it like the old good times!".
I took out pen and paper and started to draw a map (SPOILER!! - Dropbox link, as it is too large); even there, it wasn't simple to districate myself in that "bureaucratic" maze, but I made it, finally!

This game has a good load of classy touches and that allowed me to pass on frustration so I wanted to give my compliments to the authors of this game and the other Solarus engine games I'm enjoying so much!

Finally I'm now stuck in Ganon's dungeon (of course) and I hope that if I'll end giving up in frustration there will be someone here that could lend a hand helping me, because I realize that drawing a map of that dungeon will be too chaotic, even if there is a in-game map, this time ("and cry when you realize how big is this dungeon" eheheh).

Well done, guys, well done!  ;D

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