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How about some of the Final Fantasy games from the NES/SNES era?  In articular, Final Fantasy 4, 5, & 6? Granted these are from turn-based random battle JRPGs but I don't see why they can't be implemented for ARPGs

Secret of Evermore was an okay game, and some of the tilesets used weren't too bad.  There are also a ton of eras to choose from.  Same goes for Chrono Trigger.  There was a game called Lagoon (Not to be confused with bahamut lagoon) that had action combat you could look into.

Thanks a lot Chris! That's awesome and I am honored to have contributed to your project <3  Thank you very much for letting me be a a part of it!!!

Funny you mentioned that, I created dungeon 21 with one of your dungeons from Children of Solarus in mind, the one that uses the unique brick wall tiles at the bottom, directly above Jabu-jabu's tiles.

The problem with that is I didn't realize that it is literally just dungeon tileset 5 with different colored floor patterns.  it even has 'ice' colored the same as the walls, except that I did that in literally every other tileset so tileset 21 is actually redundant and I will consider recoloring it so it does not break the flow of map making.

Perhaps I will recolor it to more closely match a color scheme from the original legend of zelda...I'm thinking Dungeon 5's color scheme might be good <3

Bugs & Feature requests / Re: Transitions like alttp
« on: May 18, 2018, 05:52:07 am »
That will be a huge help to quest makers.  Currently the only way to create a transition such as a circle around the hero when he enters/exits a door, or by drawing a "lantern light" around the hero when inside a dark room,  is by using an animated sprite and draw it on the screen when a certain condition has been met, like when the hero touches a sensor.

hahaha sorry for the inconvenience MetalZelda, but all the same I am grateful for yours and everyone else's support xD

And to answer your question brlmnd, I will strongly consider a map store.  Though, given the vast size of the tileset, and with so many different "biomes", locations, etc, it may need to be broken into parts and maybe even categories.  Eventually I may need to consider optimizing the tileset as well, or even breaking it up into parts since Chris' latest addition to the editor, allowing multiple tilesets to be used within the map editor.  All of that is still up in the air, but the map store is not a bad idea at all!

I assume you mean the semi-transparent grass corners? I just updated the data file to include the original 10 colors for the 10 variants of grass I put in the entities file.

Hello mappers! I bring to you today a small update to the full Hyrule tileset, adding right angular borders to the tileset for more square-type cliffs:

get the data file here

At first glance it looks no different, but now you are able to create cliffs with less rounded edges using the right angle borders:

As you can see the corners are custom tiles added to allow you to create shaper angles for cliffs.  I also included a few extra tiles that aid in the creation of these sharp cliffs.  Refer to the images below to find their location within the tileset:

I hope these tiles will help in aiding you in your map creation, and as always:


There has been an update to the tilesets.  Please read the top post for more information.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Game art & music / Re: [UPDATE] Absolute Dungeon Tilesets
« on: April 08, 2018, 03:36:04 pm »
Well since I made these slight improvements to the tilesets, adding an extra set of concave tiles for use in the autotiles feature shouldn't be a problem.  I will create versions for the higher walls as well as the lower walls.

[UPDATE 04-09-2018]  The following graphical bugs have been addressed:

1. I noticed a graphical error in the tilesets, where the map tags for some of the Kinstones had been accidentally merged with text layers.  This has been fixed.
2. I added non-transparent concave corners to all tilesets for use in the auto-tiles feature, as requested by Chris.  They are all named exactly the same as the originals, except each with a "b" added to the end of each name.
3. Some of the tilesets' graphics were not the correct dimensions.  This was a huge oversight that not only omitted some of the patterns at the bottom of the tileset, but it also had some patterns not properly positioned within the tilesets' images.  This has been fixed.

Please be sure to update your data files and all tilesets.  you can download the entire package in this post below, or download each individual image and/or data file as needed.

Hi guys!! It's been a long time since I've been here, but I decided to do a little tweaking of the dungeon tilesets.  I slightly optimized them a bit and updated the accompanying data files:

As you can see, it's not much of a change, but the semi-transparent floor tiles have been moved next to the original colored floor tiles for convenience.  I also included the 4 colored tilesets Chris asked me to create for him a long time ago for Oni-Link begins: Solarus Edition.  They have been renamed Absolute Dungeon 21-24.  You can download the updated tilesets here

The individual tilesets can be downloaded separately, along with the entities and data files if you like:

Code: [Select] Dungeon 01.tiles.png Dungeon 01.entities.png Dungeon 01.dat

Just change the number for each tileset you'd like to save


It's funny you mentioned that xD I was actually working on a complete remap of the original LttP, complete with dungeons.  But I am not skilled at lua, and cannot recreate a lot of the original features of LttP, such as:

Large rocks.
These are the big rocks that the hero can lift once he obtains the power glove and/or titan's mitt, but are unable to move while holding.  It would be simple enough to just use four of the small rocks, but there should have been an option to change their sizes (from a 1x1 (16x16), to a 2x2 (32x32), as well as the option to allow the hero to move while holding the rock.

LttP bombs.
The current bombs in the solarus engine can be placed, lifted, and thrown.  However, these bombs explode upon impact whereas the LttP bombs can be picked up and thrown as many times as you like until they explode.  These require a custom entity currently.

Traversable spikes.
The 'prickle' terrain type cannot be traversed.  The hero is immediately halted upon touching it.  This too requires a cutom entity.

The solutions for these problems, as Chris and others have stated, can be solved using custom entities.  However, I am a mapper and not a scripter.  While custom entities make for a more robust gameplay feature, and can make the game feel unique and all its own, I feel as though there should be a few more options for these types of built in entities, such as the ability to allow bombs to be more like their lttP counterparts, and the ability to alter their ignition time (the time it takes for them to detonate).  A great example would be to make the option numerical, zero makes the bomb remote and can be detonated upon command, and anything higher than zero makes the bomb timed.  As for traversable prickles, the terrain could be made into a separate terrain type--shallow lava or poison.  These would allow the hero to take damage while still being able to move around.  Such terrains would make areas like a Miasma swamp or forest, or a volcano in which you would need be allowed to walk on shallow areas of lava if you had enough hearts.

A number of the items are still missing from those available (such as the three medallions.  I was also planning to reorganize the tileset for the overworld, but considering the time it took me to make it what it is today, and given the past several months I have been unable to work on it, I have decided to leave it as is for now.

I had a very grand idea that might interest anyone here: I was planning to make a sort of collector's edition to Solarus eventually, that contained several different versions of A Link to the Past:

1. The SNES version
2. A Master Quest version of the SNES
3. The GBA version (which would be identical to the SNES, but with the inclusion of the Four Sword Dungeon)
4. A Master Quest of the GBA version
5. A (possible) version of the Ancient Stone Tablets (all four weeks combined into one game)
6. perhaps a Master Quest version of the Ancient Stone Tablets.
7. Randomized versions of all games (very much like the LttP Randomizer, which allowed you to create seeds of the game which randomizes all the chests' contents in the game.  This one would be simple enough that all you'd need to do is create a randomized item list in the script, and then use that item list to fill each chest).

For those unfamiliar, Ocarina of Time has a Master Quest, in which the N64 version (ported to GameCube) had an overworld map which was pretty much left intact, but all the dungeons were rearranged and were more difficult.  In the 3DS remake, the overworld was completely mirrored, and included the more difficult rearranged dungeons.  Currently, I have been working on the maps for the Master Quest version of A Link to the Past, which will have a mirrored version of Hyrule and the Dark World, and rearranged dungeons, like Ocarina of Time 3D. 

It is unknown yet whether I will continue with this rather massive project.  However if anyone is interested in the idea feel free to offer help on it.  If enough people are invested in it, I may create a whole post for it in the development section of the forum.  I am not going to be able to do this one all by myself, as I am just one person and have other projects I am working on, obligations to servers on discord and other things as well.

Game art & music / Re: missing tiles in Absolute Hyrule Map Package
« on: September 25, 2017, 03:42:45 pm »
There is a reason why that is the case.  I was working with a tileset that I originally made for a fan game, but the game was scrapped.  As a result, some of the tile patterns appear different.  However I am going back into the tileset image and redoing a lot of the patterns to better closely match LttP.  The tileset will also be better optimized.  As for the location of the small trees, they are found in the section of the tileset with all the other trees and rock formations.  The colors of the trees are located in the sections where the tree tops are.

yes I am sorry the original file host I was using decided to update their services and now the site is too convoluted and confusing to use.  As a result I had to relocate to the solarus-games webhost thanks to Chris' help.  However there are bound to be images and files that I have overlooked....I'll be sure to upload images as I discover which ones are broken.  Thanks for telling me, and apologies for not being as active.  A lot of things have happened both online and irl so progress has been very slow

General discussion / Re: An example of the Engine.
« on: July 28, 2017, 09:44:52 pm »
Very nice :) Do you plan on making a fully-functional engine using LttP-like items?

Your scripts / Re: fog: Add fog to your map !
« on: July 01, 2017, 02:22:56 pm »
I created a much simpler way to add fog to your maps, using a singular overlay that is built right into my tileset, that uses parallax scrolling.  Simply take it, and (if you like, any one of the semi-transparent tiles located at the top of the tileset, fit it over the entire map, making sure it is on the highest layer, separate from all other tile patterns.  You may choose to make it dynamic (in case you want to have a script attached to it, for instance, creating a fog overlay for before the hero obtains the master swordd, and then having it destroyed or not created when he has it).

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