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Development / Re: New Solarus Guide from scratch i'm creating
« on: April 24, 2019, 02:26:09 am »
I just have put the white in the background at 95%. Brief i have updated the look of the guide.

Development / Re: New Solarus Guide from scratch i'm creating
« on: April 24, 2019, 02:06:30 am »
Yes the guide is for my self but also for other beginners.

I think the next step is to create some empty maps that have the Zelda tiles

The idea is for beginners as my self, to create some maps from maps resources. As a copy and paste, for faster creations. That i could then create some zip file(s) that i could put some link into the guide.

Like some houses (with/without) the door. House with 1 or 2 doors and different roof. House with windows. Castle with open door or closed door. Castle that can be walked onto.

Also different parts of walls:
Mountains (high height/short height). Separating the corners, so that creators can "glue" the different corners together.
Mountains separations: (horizontal wall / vertical wall / 90degree and 45degree corners to glue the "horizontal/vertical" wall)
Wall separations as: (grass to water "deep or not deep"), again (horizontal separated wall / vertical separated wall / angles to glue the walls)
Walls as: (mountain to mountain / mountain to grass / grass to mountain / mountain to water / etc.)
Trees / Cemetary tombs / dungeons / inners / outsides / etc.

Brief create some maps zelda resrouces, so that peoples just have to copy and paste as my self. This to accelerate the map creating process.

Maybe some peoples have there own map design into some zip file. If so i would then like that by example the map would be as:
PeterB_01 , PeterB_02 , Max_01 , Max_02 , Diarandor_01 , Diarandor_02
So that i can know from who it come


I'm glad that peoples have told me that the color "white" that show in the background "solarus" make the text not too much visible.

I will then put the background "white" rise the percentage of white (to less show solarus behind). If the percentage of white should rise again, or if the white should be at 100% not showing solarus in the background; that i am wondering?

Thank's for your help.

Development / Re: New Solarus Guide from scratch i'm creating
« on: April 23, 2019, 02:59:21 am »
Just letting you know that i have updated the guide. It is still under construction.


Development / New Solarus Guide from scratch i'm creating
« on: April 22, 2019, 01:56:56 pm »

I am creating a new free pdf guide from scratch, this for Solarus version 1.6

Also i am a beginners with Solarus.

I have many starter questions that i'd like to know to learn. This to learn Solarus step by step by asking questions.

I understand that many peoples will not want to help me, telling me that to understand Solarus i must create some Solarus Games; also have some experience in creating some games.

Peoples will not want to waste there time for the questions i want to know, things i want to put into the free pdf guide i'm creating.

Here is a link that show the free Solarus v1.6 guide i'm creating from scratch:

It just have 11 pages so far. The idea is to create a question and answer guide, also a step by step guide for true beginners as for my self. The design and the colors i have made is very eye catching i can tell.


Here is guides example i have created about two softwares beside others. This if you are curious.

For the software Futurepinball (the first guide ive created about FP):

Templatetoaster free pdf guide (authorized and approved also):

The link is also on there website at:
You will notice the comment that it is approved by Templatetoaster as mentionned

So you can visualize my creations beside others.


The next question i want to write in the book of Solarus v1.6, on the next page is:

How to replace the hero default character sprite with the zelda alttp sprite (step by step).

Thank's for your time to read and to help.


Bugs & Feature requests / Re: Gles2 error message
« on: April 21, 2019, 07:42:40 pm »
I have found a solution.

I have gone to:

then i have clicked on the button icon "windows", downloaded the file.

After i have extracted the file, there is an "opengl32.dll" file into the folder.

I have simply copied the "opengl32.dll" file into the directory of Solarus v1.6, where there is the (shield), (gamepad) icon software.

Next i simply open the Solarus Developper v1.6 and "It Work".

I'm happy with it because i can run and test creations made with Solarus v1.6

Bugs & Feature requests / Gles2 error message
« on: April 21, 2019, 07:04:32 pm »
I have first done a search with the word "gles" to see if some other people would have the same problem as me. Since i have not found about the subject, i think that it could be of importance for peoples that might have the same problem as i.

Here i have and old laptop Win7 64bits. The error message it give me ive notice that it is written:
Couldn't load GLES2 function
GL 3.x is not supported

How can i make Solarus version 1.6 work then?

What would be the "steps" to make Solarus Work?

Does it exist some free full software that could make it work and how to install the software that could help?

Thank's for your time.


Bugs & Feature requests / Solarus like Rpg Maker 2003
« on: August 19, 2017, 02:18:49 pm »
Hi there it's been a while since ive come here, but still interrested in Solarus.

It would be great for beginners as i, that when peoples create some map and place some tile "event" wich could be invisible or visible. Like when the player walk over. The user could (Right click mouse button) the tile event, that could put the option "edit event"; when choosen could see some menu as into "Rpg Maker 2003". What i mean by that is the different tabs that have many clickable button as (Teleport/Move/Weather/Shop/Items/Switch "On Off"/Message/Input/etc). This could create some LUA file automaticly by Solarus indicating the event is on some map at some coordinate and does some thing. It could be a tile/sprite that could be activated/desactivated by pressing the spacebar (in front/or over) or activated/desaticating by passing over it.

Making the Solarus software auto create some LUA file, by simply clicking on some button/options menus as in Rpg Maker 2003. Could make beginners read the LUA file and try to understand what they have done and do some experiments. I'm not talking about the way the player battle the ennemies, battling as in the Snes Zelda is just fine.

Here is some url links to the command event button i'm talking about:

Doing so could be some major Solarus changes and updates, making peoples crazy and hungry for the Solarus Software. Why because doing as so, make Solarus creator much more easy for beginners. After all the gaming industry have prooven that the more easy and simple the use of a game creation tool editor software; the wider the audience there is for Solarus and it's peoples. Just do a google search on game editors/creators, find there websites and you'll notice on there website; that there tools is more easy then ever and they put the accent to create in new versions much more easy and simple for beginners than before.

So Solarus auto-creating some events LUA files, by simply clicking on some "command events tabs buttons" that the players/creators could read and understand as in Rpg Maker 2003. Does not mean that the creator can not program the LUA files, it simply mean more simpler for beginners but still excellent for advanced creators/programmers

What could be possibly good also is that when you edit a tile properties. In Solarus i know you can say if it is passable or as some kind of wall. It would be nice that some tiles could have by clicking on it some indications if the player can/cannot pass under/over and i what directions "arrows" like the software Rpg Maker 2003 image:

I wonder what peoples think about these idea's??


Bugs & Feature requests / Shortcut Suggestions for Solarus Quest Editor
« on: December 25, 2016, 03:10:56 pm »
I have a suggestion for the Solarus Quest Editor. It is to add two shortcut keys:

Shift + S

Shift + Z

Shift + S : make open the default internet browser with the web address of:

Shift + Z : make open the default internet browser with the web address of:


Development / Re: Things id like to learn for the guide
« on: September 24, 2016, 11:03:46 pm »
Dont worry Diarandor, i have the perseverance to try to understand LUA. I have tryed the programming with Love LUA, but things dont seem to work when i read some online books about the software. It is supposed to be easy for beginners, but for me it's not!

It have taken me many years to create and program my own Futurepinball tables, my last one as the time i write this message is the "Futurepinball Faxanadu Pinball". Many things i had to program into this, this is beside creating and programming some Milkshape3d models and texture them to put in the game. If you are curious there is a video on youtube by simply searching: "Faxanadu Pinball". So i dont get discouraged to learn LUA because i have an inner motivation. One to create my own Zelda game for me and my friends. This beside making some book to bring more peoples interrested in Solarus Quest Maker Editor.

Having this motivation and seeing the ChristophoZS videos, trying to understand the Solarus DX and reading things here is a great motivation. I know it will take some time and i agree a house must be build with some good foundations at first.


Development / Re: Things id like to learn for the guide
« on: September 24, 2016, 08:14:32 pm »
Well as you see Christopho i try to figure out things, it's not easy for me as a beginner; i'm not as smart and intelligent as you are Christopho and many other peoples around here.

If you read this Christopho, an ability that would be nice beside (swim, lift, etc.) would be the ability to "pin" or "stomp" if i remember the correct english word. Like when the hero Link have some item wich is some (hammer), and he "stomp" with the hammer some pipes into the ground; this to open some way in the outside world or for hitting some ennemy. Like a Zelda game that he have used some hammer to pin things or break things. It could have also different hammer's level (variant), that could pin things of a certain weight level. Maybe break some boss armour with the hammer, to reveal the ennemy and hit him with the sword as some Zelda game.


Thank's for the link to the map entities. If i understand entities are object that the creator put on the map, the thing i wonder like:
Code: [Select]
entity:remove()if it's possible to replace the word "entity" by the name the creator have givin? Like if id give to the entity the name of "headache", if i could tell:
Code: [Select]
Here is a link to an image of a map ive created (just in case you check here Zefk):

Also Zefk here is an old image ive created before knowing there is a Solarus website to create Zelda SuperNes style game and other games. Ive always wanted that one day i find some soft to create a Zelda Super Nes game. Thank's to the great talents of Christopho and peoples that help him for this free software. It's an image of an idea ive created of some outside world that the hero go trough finding villages map, dungeon entrance map, etc. (Real basic as Zelda1 from Nes):

Ive put some post in the section "Development" to not be too much out of this project about creating my own book at the link:,754.0.html. Gonna ask more questions there, to be like you say "less out of the title of the post here" The book has advanced on my computer, slowly but surely; not put it on Github for now. Tell me if so far the pdf ive put on Github if the things i explain are easy to understand and to follow?


Development / Re: Things id like to learn for the guide
« on: September 24, 2016, 01:49:41 pm »
If ive understand?

Code: [Select]
function item:on_variant_changed(variant)
  -- the possession state of the glove determines the built-in ability "lift"
  game:set_ability("lift", variant)

The ability "Lift" because it is writen after the word (, variant) it indicate that when the hero open some chess with some gloves it raise the "Lift" as some ( +1 )??

Me what ive done is that ive created some "destructible white rock entity" that can be lifted with a level 2; by indicating the (weight is 2). When i tryed to lift the white rock without the glove in the treasure, the hero could not lift. Ive indicated the item "glove.lua" these codes:
Code: [Select]
local item = ...
local game = item:get_game()

function item:on_obtaining()
  -- the possession state of the glove determines the built-in ability "lift"
  self:get_game():set_ability("lift", 2)

After i created some "destructible darker rock entity" that can be lifter with a level 4. Ive created some gloves of an other color and have told it's "glove2.lua" theses codes:
Code: [Select]
local item = ...
local game = item:get_game()

function item:on_obtaining()
  -- the possession state of the glove determines the built-in ability "lift"
  self:get_game():set_ability("lift", 4)

Ive indicated that when the hero open the first chess it got the first "glove", then the hero lift some white rocks and open an other treasure where it have the "glove2".

Ive also put some dialogs (en):
"You have got the glove now you can lift some rocks"
"You now have the strongest glove, you can lift any things"

I wonder if its the best way?

There is much i must study. I'm progressing "slowly" but surely.

One thing for sure without the peoples help, i'll have difficulty to progress more rapidly.

Thank's to all.


Development / Re: Things id like to learn for the guide
« on: September 21, 2016, 01:12:44 am »
I have figure out fiew things by seeing the videos. I'll try to create my own Solarus Zelda game and put asside the book for some time. It's possible that i ask questions about my game, if so i think the subject title would be different from this one.

One thing for sure Solarus is a fantastic software!


Development / Re: Things id like to learn for the guide
« on: September 20, 2016, 02:03:21 am »
Hello i dont know if any ones have those graphics for the Solarus Game Engine and how it work?

In the directory "sprites/entities", it have the (doors), but when i "open" one of the (door) to see it's sprite in solarus. All i see is no sprite at all, some message saying (missing source image sprite/tileset)? I see also in the same window: closed - (directions), closing - (directions), opening - (directions). But there are still no sprites image in the window. I wonder how this could be possible when the door sprites is not shown, and by putting the "door entitie" and choosing one of the door sprites (it is listed); like if the graphic was in the Solarus game engine??

I would like to simply copy some graphic as a full wall, so as that i could put some bricked wall; and the wall that can be exploded would be like the brick wall. So the "door entitie" i could choose some sprite looking as the brick wall, and say it can be opened by explosing.



Development / Re: Things id like to learn for the guide
« on: September 19, 2016, 02:01:35 am »
Id like to know how to create some wall that explode with a bomb.

I have tryed to create a full wall at level 0, then put some dynamic entities over. I try to figure out things.

Here is some code ive done:
Code: [Select]
function pass_wall:on_exploded()


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