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Title: A List of Scripts around the Forum
Post by: Zefk on January 09, 2017, 01:19:53 am
This was on the, "The Solarus Resource Help Project (," but that post reached its limit. I hope no one minds me dropping the scripts scattered around the forum here. I will add to this list as I find new scripts.

Example menu script information by llamazing: Here (,778.msg4255.html#msg4255)

NPC movement paths and obstacle detection: Here (,757.msg4119.html#msg4119)

Solarus Tower Defence Style by Kibos1er! Preview (,616.0.html) and Download
Changing the hero sprite. Here (

Platformer or Side Scrolling functionality by wrightmat! New fully working version with ladder functionality for Solarus 1.5: Here (,297.msg4237.html#msg4237) or sample (,428.msg4249.html#msg4249)

Old version of Platformer or Side Scrolling functionality by wrightmat! Here  (,297.0.html)and Zutokaza's test (,428.0.html)  - As I can see there are bugs to work out because of new updates to the Solarus Engine probably.

A project by MetalZelda! Has a lot of good scripts. Here (

A project by Wrightmat! Has a lot of excellent scripts. Here (,71.msg3918.html#msg3918)

A clever hack for disabling the charged sword attack. Here (,431.msg2287.html#msg2287) and a new usage example: Here (,947.msg5499.html#msg5499)
-My old usage example includes multi event setup: Here (,947.msg5494.html#msg5494)

ARPG game Scripts by Christopho and his team! Here (
-Click the game and at the bottom will be the source code that can be used as a template.

Controlling the Hero with an AI Script: Here (,31.msg113.html#msg113)

Companion Script: Here
Blend modes: Here (,676.msg3465.html#msg3465)

Work in progress for a General Ally script: Here (,424.msg1985.html#msg1985)

Fog script and map name display: Here (,503.msg2437.html#msg2437)

An article on programming video game gravity. Here (

A debug script: Here (,717.msg3750.html#msg3750)

Change state Super Saiyan example: Here (,724.msg3790.html#msg3790)

Line of sight enemy hero detection: Here (,732.msg3837.html#msg3837)

Level up code: Here (,733.msg3843.html#msg3843)

Scripts to allow custom jump over custom teletransporters: Here (,484.msg2326.html#msg2326)

Variable in dialog: Here (,745.0.html)

Displaying text on the screen to a certain position: Here (,746.msg4306.html#msg4306)

Grab place values of a variable: Here (,759.msg4095/boardseen.html#new)

Grab char in a string: Here (,770.msg4296.html#msg4296)

Clicking the screen with your mouse: Here (,783.msg4297.html#msg4297)

Get mouse coordinates and click an image around the screen: here (,783.msg4310.html#msg4310)

Dragging an image with the mouse cursor: Here (,783.msg4311.html#msg4311)

Menu example by llamzing: Here (,778.msg4255.html#msg4255)

Module example by llamazing and others: Here (,764.msg4145.html#msg4145)

Displaying text on the screen: Here (,746.msg4306.html#msg4306)

Adding text to a txt file: Here (,815.msg4424.html#msg4424) and Here (,815.msg4426.html#msg4426)

Adding multiple lines of text to a txt file and remove them: Here (,815.msg5399.html#msg5399)

Adding text and values to a save file: Here (,815.msg4427.html#msg4427)

Fade in/out example: Here (,851.msg4704.html#msg4704)

Overwriting an array list of string text drawn arrays: Here (,818.msg4440.html#msg4440)

Custom sword item script: Here (,861.msg4769.html#msg4769)

Animated sprites for dialogs (custom dialog script): Here (,854.msg4723.html#msg4723)

Tech Demo using Cythera style interactive dialogs: Here (,873.msg4862.html#msg4862)

Diarandor's Rain Script: Here (,538.msg5061.html#msg5061) (He plans to update it, might have to search for the new one until I update this post.)

Change sword variant: Here (,929.msg5277.html#msg5277)

Custom entity switch: Here (,940.msg5378.html#msg5378)

Moving camera: Here (,943.msg5390.html#msg5390)

Color commands for Christopho's dialog_box.lua: Here (,312.msg1179.html#msg1179)

Requiring an item when talking to a NPC: Here (,952.msg5479.html#msg5479)

Creating a custom entity with script: Here (,965.msg5577.html#msg5577)

Circle movement: Here (,933.msg5328.html#msg5328)

Zolarus Chripora Script Pack - Pseudocode like code in progress (,624.0.html)