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Title: Working on a Tutorial site
Post by: ffomega on May 15, 2016, 09:55:04 pm
Hi guys!~

Sorry for my absence but I started working on a couple projects alongside the Solarus tileset project.

I have begun working on the tutorial site I mentioned awhile back regarding my Full Hyrule Tileset.  The tileset itself is nearing completion (now around 90% with a few data entries and some error checking left to go.  I have already begun working on a tutorial showcasing how to build houses with the transparent tiles.

Here's a preview ;)

It will still take some time for me to complete the site, which should include (in the beginning) tutorials on how to build houses, castles, parallaxing, tips and tricks, and how to build a Link to the Past style world map using my other tileset "Full World Map" (already completed tileset).