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Title: Project Heroine Sprites
Post by: Zefk on July 11, 2018, 04:13:51 am
I am showing off the sprites I mentioned in the Female Character Hairstyles (,1150.0.html) topic. So far I got the front, back, and side views finished, but I still need to modify the sprites colors + make the other animations.

These sprites are based off of the Eldrina Sprite I made. Eldrina (,946.msg5535.html#msg5535) is a mod of Diarandor's Eldran v1.1 Sprite. This sprites project would not even exist if it was not for Diarandor and I am thankful for his amazing art (,538.0.html) that just keeps getting better.

Project Heroine Sprites: (Login to view)


For history purposes: Plexa (