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Title: Oceansheart Graphics
Post by: Max on March 06, 2018, 04:04:57 am
Hey! I wanted to do something to help out the community. I like to think graphic art is one of my talents, and I've put in many many hours of work on tiles for the game I'm working on. I figure some of them might come in handy for others.

They're not necessarily compatible stylistically with Link to the Past graphics, because I taught myself pixel art looking at Minish Cap, haha, but at least the perspective is similar. I like to think these are a little more flexible in terms of topographical layout. Feel free to use these however you like, but please give me credit if you use them. It'd also be super cool if you let me know where my art goes, just because that's fun to track and see other people getting use out of my work : )

If you have any advice or feedback, I'm always looking to improve my talents and will welcome it.

Title: Re: Oceansheart Graphics
Post by: Neovyse on April 01, 2018, 01:11:05 am
This is absolutely beautiful and lovely ! A Minish Cap vibe for sure. Thank you. We have to add this to a resource pack.

Suggestion :
Title: Re: Oceansheart Graphics
Post by: Diarandor on April 01, 2018, 02:38:58 am
This art is awesome! We are very grateful of you sharing this!
Title: Re: Oceansheart Graphics
Post by: Max on April 01, 2018, 08:04:01 am
Thanks Diarandor, I'm grateful for all the help I've received on the forum.

Neovyse, I appreciate the critiques. I also found the thatched roofs (as well as the tall yellow grass) to be very bright and colorful, but when I tried different colors, they all felt too sad and dull. If you want to recolor anything, feel free! I couldn't find other colors that toned it down without feeling too dull, but maybe you can!

I never noticed the flat bit of the tree, but you're right. As for the shading on the spruce tree, that's also valid. I used one less color on it compared to some of the other trees, because I didn't want it to stand out
as much. One thing I've encountered in this project is that with trees especially, it's a difficult balance to make them stand out enough from the ground and other scenery,without standing out too much and looking busy, as they're often really just background elements. Maybe I'll try making another spruce. Trees are maybe my favorite thing to draw, although the perspective is very difficult.

Side note, just because I love plants- these are meant to be fir or spruce trees. Pines rarely grow in such a cone-shaped form, they naturally drop their lower branches and end up more like the trees directly above them. It's not really important, but I do think in the business of creating tiles meant to represent the natural world, our art can be greatly enriched by a deeper understanding of the things we mean to emulate. The usual thing, in tilesets, is to have one tree and maybe one conifer tree. However- people usually create one "generic" tree. But which tree is it? That's so frequently a weakness 2D games have in representing the natural world,and it makes it hard to convey a sense of the world you've created. Where I live, I can go to a forest on one side of town, and it's fairly wet, full of maples, elms, and Ash trees, each of which are different. But on the other side of town, there are forests on hills full of hickoy and oak trees. Both forests feel totally different to me, and if, as artists, we don't bother to learn about what makes various parts of the natural world feel different, or learn the details of various environments, we can only create generic areas. A forest, or a desert. If we study, we could easily have five different forests in a game that all feel totally different.

Sorry, rant over. I plan someday to write like, an article about how to study the natural world in order the create unique areas in games. But that's why it was important to me to make so many trees for my game. In this tileset, there's apple, american basswood, white pine, oak, poplar, and spruce. Granted, it's really hard to convey them well in 2D at this perspective, but it's important to me to try, haha. I hope others will be inspired to more fully utilize the amazing diversity of the natural world to create works of art that make the player feel like they're in a particular part of nature.
Title: Re: Oceansheart Graphics
Post by: froggy77 on April 05, 2018, 06:00:06 pm
Wow, very good job! It needs some changes, according to me, for the roof, the tower top and some trees.
Can I edit the tileset to show you what I would change?
Title: Re: Oceansheart Graphics
Post by: Max on April 05, 2018, 06:31:45 pm
Absolutely! I'm glad you think it's worth investing some time into improving : )
Title: Re: Oceansheart Graphics
Post by: froggy77 on April 05, 2018, 07:23:57 pm
OK thanks! I will do my best and especially I will avoid making a rough draft so you don't need to redraw if you want to keep my work: this will save you time.
My pixel art style is pretty close to yours*, so it shouldn't be too difficult.
Normally, I will give you the result this Sunday.

*(when I finish my creation, in other words, rarely)  ::)

EDIT: It 's done. I had not seen the demo and its more completed tilesets before finishing to edit.
I redrawn the top of the tower, changed flat roofs, trees, reduced the number of colors (sometimes changed the colors) ...
In the second image, I put in white the modified pixels.
It is an indexed color image, because I was not able to attach it on the forum (limit size of 128KB); so the shadow tile is destroyed.

Title: Re: Oceansheart Graphics
Post by: Max on April 16, 2018, 12:55:45 am
Oh hey, I totally missed that you posted your edits, Froggy! Cool. I especially like how you've colored the purple/brown roof into a wooden texture, that looks great. The crenelations you added to the tower are also cool, that might help people who are making a castle (which, since Zelda games usually always have a castle, that's probably a lot of people, haha). Nice work!

What was your process to reduce the number of colors?

Title: Re: Oceansheart Graphics
Post by: Christopho on April 26, 2018, 06:48:36 pm
Could you also share the .dat when your share the .png of a tileset? Thanks